RC188x-GPR Gateway Processor Module

The Radiocrafts RC188x-GPR is an IEEE802.15.4 g/e compatible modem module that is intended to be implemented in the network’s gateway/concentrator. The modem can interface with several thousands of RC188x-SPR leaf nodes.

The RC188x-GPR module supports the RIIoT RF protocol (RIIoT RF) and the RIIoT Net Controller

Using the provided Radiocrafts Linux middleware, the RIIoT Net Controller New link makes it easy to communicate over the RIIoT RF and connect to the Cloud. Users may also create applications that directly interface (via UART) with the RC188x-GPR modem if cloud connectivity is not needed.

Interested in the RC188x-GPR or other RIIoT products, please click here to find the data-sheets.