RIIoT Net Controller, The RIIoT Network Manager

The RIIoT Net is a middleware for Linux based gateway/concentrator to interface customer gateway application with RIIoT network. The middleware is developed for certain target Gateway, as defined in the user manual. It is designed to be portable to other Linux gateways. RIIoT Net is intended to operate together with the RIIoT RC188x-GPR gateway processor module. Radiocrafts delivers RIIoT Net as pre-compiled executable application with example integration applications.

RIIoT Net can be easily integrated into a user application through a socket. Data and commands are communicated as JSON objects. The main functions of the network controller are:

  • Supporting the set-up of the RF network
  • Monitoring the network for broken links, etc.
  • Managing low-level networking through the RC188x-GPR module
  • Conversion between RIIoT RF CBOR encoding to JSON data
  • Manages over-the-air firmware update of leaf nodes

Interested in the RIIoT Net Controller or other RIIoT products, please click here to find the data-sheets.

RIIoT Net Controller is now available for download here.

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