The RIIoT™ Parts

The RIIoT™ Network is built using some or all of the following parts:

  • The RIIoT™ Net Controller
  • The RC1880(HP)-SPR, RIIoT leaf node module
  • The RC1880(HP)-GPR, RIIoT™ gateway module
  • The RC1880(HP)-GPR-GW, the gateway dongle

RIIoT™ Net Controller

The RIIoT™ Net Controller is a middleware for Linux based gateways/concentrators to interface a customer gateway application with RIIoT™ network. The middleware is compiled for certain target gateways, as defined in the user manual. It is designed to be portable to other Linux gateways. The RIIoT™ Net Controller is intended to operate together with the RIIoT™ RC1880(HP)-GPR gateway processor module. Radiocrafts delivers the RIIoT™ Net Controller as a pre-compiled executable application with example integration applications.

It can be easily integrated into a user application through a socket. Data and commands are communicated as JSON objects. The main functions of the network controller include:

  • Supporting the set-up of the RF network
  • Reporting the network status
  • Managing low-level networking through the RC1880(HP)-GPR module
  • Conversion between RIIoT™ RF encoding to JSON data
  • Managing over-the-air firmware updates of leaf nodes

Interested in the RIIoT™ Net Controller or other RIIoT™ products? please click here to find the datasheets.

RIIoT™ Net Controller is now available for download here.

The RC1880(HP)-SPR, The RIIoT™ Leaf Node Module

The RC1880(HP)-SPR is a complete, very low power-consuming IEEE802.15.4 g/e RF node with a 50 ohm antenna interface.

The module comes in two versions:

  • Regular RC1880-SPR
  • High Power RC1880HP-SPR

The regular version has an output power of 14dBm and the High Power has an output power of 26dBm. The 12 dB difference in output power translates approximately to 2.3 x in increased range using the High Power version versus the regular version.

The module can be set to support either a 5kbps data-rate or a 50kbps data-rate that is configured in the firmware . The lower data rate allows for longer range at the expense of longer Tx pulse. The range increase is doubled using the lower 5kbps data-rate vs the 50kbps data-rate.

Output PowerData RateRange LOSRange in Urban Environment
RC1880-SPR (5 kbps)14 dBm5 kbps15 km500 m
RC1880HP-SPR (5 kbps)26 dBm5 kbps60 km2 km
RC1880-SPR (50 kbps)14 dBm50 kbps5 km200 m
RC1880HP-SPR (50 kbps)26 dBm50 kbps20 km700 m

The module is fully compatible with Radiocrafts Industrial Internet of Things (RIIoT™) networks. The programmable module can also be used as a leaf node in other IEEE802.15.4 g/e networks.

Using high-level C language, users program their RC1880-SPR modules using an Intelligent C-programmable I/O (i:zi) to create their own applications. Programmers need less than 100 lines of high level C code to manage any sensors/actuators combination, do signal processing, create local alarms, and other network tasks. The code is hosted on the RF module.

The Radiocrafts RC1880-SPR module features:

Interested in the RC1880(HP)-SPR or other RIIoT™ products, please click here to find the datasheets.

RC1880(HP)-GPR Gateway Processor Module

The Radiocrafts RC1880(HP)-GPR is an IEEE802.15.4 g/e compatible modem that is intended to be implemented in the network’s gateway/concentrator. The modem can interface with up to 65,000 RC1880-SPR leaf nodes.

The RC1880(HP)-GPR module supports the RIIoT™ RF protocol (RIIoT RF) and the RIIoT™ Net Controller. The RC1880(HP)-GPR also includes the ICI interface.

Using the provided Radiocrafts Linux middleware, the RIIoT™ Net Controller makes it easy to communicate over the RIIoT™ RF and connect to the Cloud. Users may also create applications that directly interface (via UART) with the RC1880(HP)-GPR modem if cloud connectivity is not needed.

The RC1880(HP)-GPR has 2 hardware options, each with 2 data-rate settings, in the same way as the RC1880(HP)-SPR module.

Output PowerData RateRange LOSRange in Urban Environment
RC1880-GPR (5 kbps)14 dBm5 kbps15 km500 m
RC1880HP-GPR (5 kbps)26 dBm5 kbps60 km2 km
RC1880-GPR (50 kbps)14 dBm50 kbps5 km200 m
RC1880HP-GPR (50 kbps)26 dBm50 kbps20 km700 m

Interested in the RC1880(HP)-GPR or other RIIoT products, please click here to find the datasheets.

RC1880(HP)-GPR-GW, The Gateway Dongle

The RC1880(HP)-GPR-GW is a gateway dongle. It is a complete CE certified boxed product that will expand a standard Linux gateway to a gateway with RIIoT™ functionality.

The RC1880(HP)-GPR-GW connects physically via a USB connector. The RIIoT™ Net Controller needs to be included in the “Linux environment” of the gateway.

The core of the gateway dongle is the RC1880(HP)-GPR module. The additional blocks are a USB transceiver, a PCB, and the antenna.

Radiated power 12dBm EIRP.

Please click here for a datasheet of the RIIoT™ Gateway Dongle.