RIIoT™ Tools

The RIIoT Tools are developed to support a project with fast to market requirements. We strive to make the tools easy to use and make the documentation easy to follow.

1) The RIIoT™ Leaf Node SDK

The RIIoT™ Leaf Node SDK supports the development of code for the ICI interface in the RC1880(HP)-SPR module. The ambition is that a user should be able to write any application for sensors or controllers in less than 100 lines of high-level C-code.

The RIIoT™ Leaf Node SDK comes with

  • Extensive documentation
  • Firmware for the RC1880-SPR in binary
  • C Libraries
  • Build scripts
  • Flashing tools

It also comes with two ICI tutorials with documentation and source code

  • Blink LED
  • Send periodic network data

And, Example source C-code for

  • Auto Join network
  • Temp and humidity sensor reading
  • CO2 sensor reading
  • VOC gas sensor reading

The RIIoT™-SDK is available for download here

2) The RIIoT™ Gateway Software Package

The RIIoT™ Gateway Software Package includes tools and firmware to set-up a RIIoT™ network with the RC1880(HP)-GPR module and a standard Linux based gateway. The ambition is to make the set-up process as easy as possible, while still maintaining the ability for the user to set up key network parameters to optimize for a specific network’s requirement.

The RIIoT™ Gateway software package includes:

  • Extensive documentation
  • The RIIoT™ Net Controller. A middleware that supports the RC1880(HP)-GPR to manage the RIIoT™ network
  • The RIIoT™ Network Monitoring tool
  • Gateway application example code

3) The RIIoT™ Development Kit, RC1880-RIIoT-DK

The RIIoT™ development kit includes all the hardware needed to start running a small RIIoT™ network from a PC. This allows the customer to test the network capabilities with minimum development resources needed. This is ideal for a first range test in a customer environment.

The RIIoT™ development kit includes three boards with antennas, power supplies, and a USB cable for connecting to a PC.

  • A RIIoT™ Gateway Board, a development board with an RC1880(HP)-GPR modem
  • A RIIoT™ Leaf Node Board, a development board with an RC1880(HP)-SPR modem
  • A RIIoT™ sensor board, a board with a RC1880(HP)-SPR modem and 5 industrial sensors.

4) RIIoT™ Application Notes

File Type:File Name:File Description:
AN028: RIIoT To Cloud Setup GuideTo be released.
AN027: RIIoT Range - Basics and Measurements ResultsLearn everything you need to know about understanding range from LoS to antenna design and more. Also read about the impressive RIIoT range measurements conducted by Radiocrafts both in urban and LoS areas.
AN026:One Common Footprint for Many TechnologiesThere are many different wireless standards and technologies available to enable the internet of things (IOT). The different technologies have different pro’s and con’s depending on the use case and the end customer. Trying to keep up with the latest wireless trends can drain a company of all its resources and take attention from its core business. The solution recommended by Radiocrafts is to use a modular approach and a common RF module footprint that enable all the technologies offered by Radiocrafts without modifications to the PCB.