RIIoT Tools


Software development kit for programming the RC1880-SPR leaf nodes using the Intelligent C-programmable I/O (i:zi). Comes with an event-driven application framework with high-level C APIs that allow you to interface to any sensor/actuator and to implement any data processing and edge intelligence. A full sensor application with networking and sensor interface can be written in as less as 100 lines of code. For more complex application, 8K of space is available.

The SDK comes with a free development environment with a compiler and flashing tools.

To download the RIIoT-SDK please click here.


RIIoT Network Dashboard

A browser-based GUI that connects to RIIoT-Net to enable you to manage your network and visualize the network data.

To be released.


RIIoT RF Link Test

A tool to test the RF range and signals in your environment.

To be released.