Wize Products

Wize is an international IoT standard defined by the Wize Alliance targeting Wireless Metering, Smart City and Industrial IoT applications. The technology is well proven in industrial grade applications with several millions of objects already connected world-wide in applications such as Energy or Water Metering, Waste collection, air monitoring etc..

The Wize technology is a low-power, long range and bi-directional wireless communication that operates on 169 MHz frequency. It is specifically design to reach “hard-to access” objects that are in basements, underground or otherwise isolated. The range is several tens of kilometers in open field and has a data-rate between 2.4kbps to 6.4kbs. In urban areas the typical range is 1-2 km. It is based on the Wireless M-Bus standard EN13757-4, which is defined by the European standardization organization CEN for deployment of smart meters. Please find more details of the Wize technology here.

Radiocrafts has been a pioneer in developing RF modules for 169 MHz technology with several hundred thousand modules already deployed. Radiocrafts can also assist in design of 169 MHz equipment, we have a long experience in antenna and power management designs needed for a successful design project.

The unique antenna tuning feature developed by Radiocrafts is available in our Wize compliant RF modules.

long range

Long range

Battery operation

Low power


Reach “Hard-To-Access” Objects

Wize Module Selection


RC1701HP-WIZE is a cost-effective sub-GHz module that supports 169 MHz Wize

Module Frequency band [MHz] Radio channels [#] Data rate [kbps] RX sensitivity [dBm] RX current [mA] Pout [dBm] TX current [mA] SLEEP current [uA] Operating supply voltage [V] Operating temperature [deg C] Indicative LOS [m] Region / compliance Narrow Band High Power
RC1701HP-WIZE 169 10 2.4/4.8/19.2 -119/-115/-107 31 27 403 0,6 2,8 – 3,6 -30 to +85 5000 EU / CE

Product Details

  • Complete Wize modem, application in external MCU
  • UART interface for data and configuration
  • Output power 27 dBm
  • 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.5 mm (0.5 x 1.0 inch)
  • Very low current, automatic sleep modes, battery lifetime >15 years

Custom specific option:

  • Complete water meter profile implementation
  • Ping/pong installation
  • NFC interface for local communication
  • Pulse or SPI interface to metrology controller
  • Remote (RF) or local (NFC) parameter read/write
  • Over-the-air FW download

Interested? For more information read the WP016 Wize Protocol for WPLAN whitepaper.
For more technical details read the RC1701HP-WIZE Datasheet and a RC1701HP-WIZE User manual.