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The RC1880 is a very cost and power efficient customizable RF module that can be used with the TI-15.4-STACK. One option for the TI-15.4 stack is to compile it as a wireless network Co-Processor. In this option an external application processor has access to the wireless features over UART or SPI.

The TI-15.4-STACK Co-Processor provides interface for configuration of network operation (e.g. starting a network, scan for network, join network) in Beacon or non-Beacon mode, with or without Security, and Frequency Hopping. In addition, it gives an interface for sending and receiving data.

Radiocrafts has compiled the TI-15.4-STACK Co-Processor with the pin mapping done to fit the RC1880xxx demo board. This firmware can be downloaded free of charge as-is from the Radiocrafts website. Adding this to the RC1880 creates a fully functional IEEE 802.15.4 (g/e) RF module.

The combined solution, that we refer to as RC1880-COP, is a complete RF module with a IEE802.15.4 Phy and MAC, that supports star networking on sub-gigahertz frequencies.

The RC1880-COP will connect to any microcontroller through UART interface. For example, a Co-Processor can be combined with a Windows or Linux host processor, or be part of an embedded system using a microcontroller.

The RC1880-COP makes it easy for the users to add IEEE 802.15.4 functionality to an existing product and also provides great flexibility in choice of microcontrollers

We provide a HEX file on “as-is, no support” basis, for customer or partners who would like to use the code as a starting point for their own development.

Anyone downloading and using the software will accept, by downloading the file, the Radiocrafts Software License Agreement for the RC1880-COP software.

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