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WP016: Wize Protocol for LPWAN An LPWAN standard based on 169 MHz ISM band technologies with an outstanding capability to reach “hard-to-get-objects”. It describes the background of Wize and summarizes the benefits of Wize.
WP012: Wireless M-Bus for Industrial Applications This document covers the relevant information about the Wireless M-BUS standard for Industrial applications, including the advantages of the protocol for use in industrial applications, description of a battery operation, etc.
WP011: LPWAN at 169MHz  This document describes the importance of LPWAN networks, what separates LPWAN from other technologies in the IoT space, the advantages of using Radiocrafts modules in LPWAN network, etc.
WP010: Regulatory Requirements at 169 MHz 169 MHz band opens up for new opportunities in long range
communication for industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), or what is now called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The document describes the radio compliance
regulations for 169 MHz band.
WP009: RED Directive White Paper The new RED (Radio Equipment Directive, 2014/53/EU) is replacing the R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC), and comes into full force from 2017-06-13. This document describes the main changes in the new directive, information about assessment and Declaration of Conformity, end user responsibilities, etc.
WP008: Antenna Selection Guide This document covers the relevant information about the different antenna types, its selection criteria and matching, positioning and selection guide based on different frequencies.
WP003: Selecting 2.45 GHz Solution Companies searching for a low power 2.45 GHz wireless solution will find many different technical solutions. This white paper takes the reader thru the different solutions offered by Radiocrafts, highlights the advantages of each and guides the users to the technology solution best suited for them.
WP002: Wireless Reading of Sensirion Sensors Sensirion is the technology leader for intelligent and digital sensor solutions. By combining their calibrated sensors with a simple digital interface to the Radiocrafts modules a complete wireless system for monitoring can be built. In this paper Sensirions SHT-series of temperature and humidity sensors and ASP1400 differential pressure sensor are made wireless.



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