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RCTools is a powerful and easy to use PC suite that helps you during test, development and deployment of the Radiocrafts modules. The RCTools includes stand alone applications running under windows .Net Framework. The RCTools is free of charge and easily installed (including .NET and driver for USB levelshifter) by running the setup files available in the download section.

CCT (Configuration and Communication Tool):
CCT helps you to work with your Radiocrafts modules. The program enables you to easily configure the module and can additionally work as a terminal window, where data can be sent or received to / from any serial port. The RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) informs you about the Link budget and helps you estimate range.

SA (Spectrum Analyzer):
SA enables you to easily scan all or a subset of channels the module can operate on. This is a handy tool for checking available free channels and to verify that you actually are transmitting on the right frequency. The SA tool also enable the possibility of optimizing antenna performance and compare relatively the performance of

DT (Deployment Tool):
DT enable you to easily configure any number of modules with the commands crucial for communication between modules in point-to-multipoint networks.

MBUS-DEMO is designed to demonstrate a wireless MBUS system using the RC1180-MBUS module development kit. The program enables Module Quick setup, MBUS Packet generator, MBUS Packet Sniffer and an Installation tool for the MBUS2 feature set.





Wireless M-BUS


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