Wireless Sensor Interface

Integrated Sensor Interface reduces cost and enables ultra-low power design.

The sensor modules from Radiocrafts includes interfaces to many of the most popular sensors used by industrial monitor and control systems. The top benefits you can expect:

  • Lower cost of Bill of Material (BoM) as no external micro-controller is needed in the sensor interface.
  • Reduced system power dissipation as the micro-controller functionality is integrated into the module.
  • Complete development system with Sensor Board.

There are 4 types of sensor interfaces supported:

  1. An analog interface that reads the voltage level between 0 and 1.25V, in steps of 0.01V, from a sensor.
  2. Digital GPIO, that can be configured for input or output.
    • As output it can be set to toggle or drive a high or low signal
    • As input it supports sensors with digital output, such as many magnetic sensors.
  3. The I2C interface supports a variety of predefined sensors. See the Data Sheet for details.
  4. The SPI interface supports predefined sensors. See the Data Sheet for details.

An event controller inside the Radiocrafts module determines when a sensor is read and when data is transmitted to the Sigfox network. The Sensor modules are managed by a time cycle, where the cycle time is decided by the user at configuration. All sensors are read one time during the cycle, and the time of the cycle is configurable. The transmission to the Sigfox network is set in a similar fashion, where data from the module is sent at a customer defined time-interval. See the User Manual for more details.

The Sensor Board

The sensor board supports the development of Sensor nodes using Radiocrafts Sensor Interface modules. It is included in the development kits for those modules.

The Sensor Board is populated with the sensors in that table below.

Sensor Supplier Description
SHT35 Sensirion Temperature and humidity sensor
HDC2010 Texas Instruments Temperature and humidity sensor
ALS-PT-315C Everlight Analog light sensor
SL353LT Honeywell Hall detector
LIS3DE ST Microelectronics Accelerometer
Blue LED Many LED, controlled by the GPIO

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