IoT Expansion Board Software Download User Agreement

A demo software for the IoT Expansion Board by Radiocrafts creates a connection from the Wireless M-Bus connected sensor, on to the IoT Expansion board, and on to the gateway and finally up to an AWS (Amazon Web Server).

The firmware is available in two versions, one for the FX-30 Gateway from Sierra Wireless and one for the mangOH Red open source gateway board.

The software was created to show how easy it is to create a complete connection from a Sensor to the Cloud. The demo connects a pulse counter from a “virtual water meter” over Wireless M-BUS to the IoT Expansion Board, on to the gateway and up to an AWS in the cloud. Read the Sensor to Cloud User Manual here.


The FX30 version of the firmware is delivered pre-installed on the FX30 Sensor to Cloud demo-kit.

We make the firmware available as a source code on “as-is, no support” basis, for customers or partners who would like to use the code as a starting point for their own development of a sensor to the cloud solution.

Anyone downloading and using the software will accept, by downloading the file, the Radiocrafts Software License Agreement for the Demo software for the IoT Expansion Board.

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