Irrigation Show 2023

Meet Radiocrafts at Irrigation Show 2023!

Meet Radiocrafts at Irrigation Show 2023 in San Antonio, Texas on November 27th – December 1st at booth number 241!  At the Irrigation Show we will be presenting 2 demos: Next-Gen Smart Irrigation Evaluation Kit Valve Control Demo showing low latency and low power consumption Next-Gen Smart Irrigation Evaluation Kit An easy-to-use Next-Gen Smart Irrigation Evaluation … Read more

Enlit 2023

Meet Radiocrafts at Enlit 2023!

Meet Radiocrafts at Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris, France on November 28th – 30th ! Schedule a meeting with us at booth number 7.2.H31!   At Enlit 2023, we will be showcasing our world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules including: OMS compliant modules frequently used in metering applications (433, 865, 868 MHz) Ultra-narrowband 169 MHz modules, including the Wize module, for … Read more

11 Benefits of Turn-Key Design and Customization of Modules With Radiocrafts!

Radiocrafts offers customization of modules, turn-key solutions, and direct support to clients that engage in high volume module business with us. Our RF expertise and design support has enabled many clients to create successful RF solutions with short development times for numerous design challenges, including when their in-house design resources were not sufficient. Benefit from Radiocrafts’ … Read more

Radiocrafts Recently Upgraded Our RIIM Battery Lifetime Estimation Tool on GitHub!

Radiocrafts recently updated our Battery Lifetime Estimation Tool to account for the recent upgrades we made to our market leading ultra-low power long range Sub-GHz mesh solution, RIIM! The RIIM upgrades include: 150-kbps mode for applications requiring higher data throughput. Reduced Power Consumption 50-kbps mode – 35 uA average power consumption at 3.3V for a battery lifetime of 7+ years! 150-kbps mode … Read more

RC232 RCTools – Evaluation & Development Tool For Radiocrafts RC232 Modules!

Are you evaluating or developing with Radiocrafts’ RC232 RF modules and need an easy-to-use software tool to quickly create a fully functional wireless network? Download Radiocrafts’ RC232 RCTools!  The RC232 RCTools allow you to easily set up a fully operational wireless RC232 network and to generate the configuration data needed to configure the module for use in your specific application! It is … Read more

How to Upload New Platforms to The RIIM Module!

Are you evaluating or testing Radiocrafts’ ultra-low power long range mesh solution, RIIM, and want to upgrade your modules to the latest RIIM release? In the video snippet below Thomas Snare Knutsen, Radiocrafts’ Customer Success Engineer, teaches you about the latest RIIM SDK release. He walks you through the RIIM SDK architecture, showing all the … Read more

Our Industry Leading Sub-GHz Mesh Just Got a Major Upgrade: RIIM 4.0.0

Radiocrafts has just released a major upgrade for RIIM, our industry leading long range sub-GHz wireless mesh solution providing unmatched robustness, low power, and scalability. The new version of the RIIM SDK supports a multitude of new benefits including: Reduced Power Consumption – Get 7+ years of battery lifetime on 2 AA batteries with RIIM nodes supporting an average … Read more

10 FCC Certified Modules from Radiocrafts + FCC Approval Benefits!

Did you know that Radiocrafts has several FCC certified modules for use in the United States, Canada, and various other countries in the North, Central, and South Americas? We recently got FCC certification for our ultra-low power long range Sub-GHz mesh solution, RIIM! RC1882CEF-IPM RC1892HPCF-IPM Other FCC certified modules from Radiocrafts include: RC1290 RC1692HP-SIG RC2400 … Read more