[Webinar] The Mioty Ecosystem: Mioty Protocol, Products & Field Trial Results

We invite you to register for an upcoming online webinar training on: “The Mioty Ecosystem: Mioty Protocol, Products & Field Trial Results“.   Join Radiocrafts, GREATECH, and Leinenetz GmbH as we discuss the Mioty ecosystem and share our expertise on Mioty, an LPWAN protocol that was designed to have the best-in-class reliability, scalability, and battery lifetime of all available LPWAN … Read more

Expert Power Consumption Guidelines for Our IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

To help our customers understand the full profile of their Mesh Router’s power consumption, Radiocrafts created a tool, the Battery Lifetime Estimator Tool, which estimates in hours, days, and years, the expected battery lifetime of a Mesh Router under investigation. The tool uses data entered by the user about the node to make the estimation. … Read more

Everything You Ever Wondered About Our IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

Are you wondering if (RIIM) Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh technology is a fitting solution for your application? Are you curious about the benefits you can get out of RIIM for your project versus other technologies? Are you already designing with RIIM and want to know what support tools are available to you? Perhaps you are … Read more

Our Industry Leading Sub-GHz Mesh Just Got a Major Upgrade: RIIM 3.0.0

Radiocrafts has just released a major upgrade for RIIM, our industry leading sub-GHz IP mesh solution. The new version of the RIIM SDK supports a multitude of new benefits including: Improved Battery Lifetime – 50% increase for mesh routers in TSCH. Improved Throughput – The border router can now listen for incoming messages all the … Read more

State-of-The-Art IP Mesh Solution for Next Generation Smart Irrigation!

A modern Smart Irrigation System based on precision control for precision agriculture and wireless mesh communication gives a huge return on investment, ultra-low power for energy saving, best range and coverage, and unmatched reliability! Radiocrafts has upgraded our State-of-the-Art Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, to the requirements of this domain based on feedback from top … Read more

Expert Guide on Picking The Best Wireless Solution For Your Use Case

Are you unsure of which wireless technology to use for your specific application? Do you struggle with the complexity of understanding all the requirements and challenges of your application when choosing a wireless solution, for example, the trade-off between battery lifetime, latency, and maintenance costs? Radiocrafts recently hosted a webinar on the topic “Expert Guide … Read more

Global RF Band Support with Radiocrafts’ IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, is a truly global solution supporting various radio frequency bands: 868 MHz, 915 MHz, and 865 MHz. These RF bands include but are not limited to the following regions and countries: Europe USA/Canada Mexico/South America Brazil Australia/New Zealand Vietnam India North Africa/Middle East Hong Kong Japan South Africa In … Read more

RIIM Battery Lifetime Estimation Tool is on GitHub!

Based on experience and feedback from supporting our valued customer’s and prospects using RIIM, Radiocrafts’ has created a RIIM Battery Lifetime Estimation Tool! The Tool is a worksheet that helps users estimate the current consumption and hence the battery lifetime of a RIIM mesh node! The tool is available on Radiocrafts’ GitHub page and is … Read more

Find Out How RIIM Achieves a Reliability of 99.99% or Higher!

In our newest White Paper, WP022: Reliability in RIIM, we describe the various features that contribute to RIIM’s unmatched reliability, including a deep dive into how each of these features affect the network operation. The presented features include: Mesh topology – Mesh offers dynamic self-formation, automatic self-reconfiguration, huge coverage, easy scalability, and more. Sub 1-GHz … Read more

Design a Reliable RIIM Network Using TSCH! Simulation Results Presented!

In our newest Application Note, AN055: RIIM Network Design: Theory, Guidelines & Simulations Results, we introduce Radiocrafts’ highly reliable and long-range wireless IP mesh solution (RIIM) and the Time-Synchronized Channel-Hopping (TSCH) feature available in RIIM. TSCH was designed to make a mesh with less packet collision and higher reliability. A TSCH network has proven to … Read more