Create A Smart Autonomous Network Sensor Node With Minimal Time and Effort Using Radiocrafts ICI Framework

Do you find that creating a network sensor node is a long and complex process that requires expertise in many different fields including RF, low-level programming, electronics, controller development tools, and many, many more? Do you wish this process could be simplified? With Radiocrafts’ ICI Framework, you can quickly and easily create a smart autonomous … Read more

“Cryoegg” With an Embedded Radiocrafts RC1701HP-MBUS4 Module Placed Under Greenland Ice Sheet To Study The Water Movement Under Glaciers!

Scientists from all over the globe have been trying to gather information on water movement beneath the Greenland ice sheet for more than a decade now. Recently, a team led by the University of Cardiff created a new and innovative solution to this problem known as a “Cryoegg” with an embedded Radiocrafts RC1701HP-MBUS4 module inside. The … Read more

The SPR and GPR Modules To Build Your RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts Network are Now Available For Purchase at Digi Key!

The SPR module and GPR module to build your RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts Network are now available for purchase at Digi Key!   Radiocrafts is happy to announce that the RIIoT™ modules (the SPR and GPR modules) are now available for purchase at Digi Key! RIIoT™ (Radiocrafts Industrial Internet of Things) is an IIoT wireless, long … Read more

Alisonic Has Just Released A New Tank Level Measurement Device For Buried Petrol Tanks Using Radiocrafts’ RC1701HP-MBUS4 Module!

Alisonic has just released a new tank level measurement device for buried petrol tanks. It includes a tuned helical antenna and has an embedded Radiocrafts’ RC1701HP-MBUS4 module allowing communication in the 169 MHz frequency band. Check it out! Alisonic has just released their new tank level measurement device for buried petrol tanks. It includes a … Read more

Create a Highly Intelligent Network Node With Minimal Effort Using Radiocrafts’ ICI tool and Over-The-Air Firmware Updates

Radiocrafts’ new product lines, RIIoT™ and RIIM™ support both ICI and Over-the-Air firmware updates, which together, allow you to create a highly intelligent network node with minimal effort!  Do you want a programmable sensor/controller interface that can talk to any sensor/actuator? Do you want to have the option to upgrade and/or change the interface when … Read more

The Value Of Certification And Pre-Compliance

Getting your product certified or compliance tested is an expensive and time-consuming process. By purchasing a certified and pre-compliance tested product, you may skip the hassle and prioritise more important activities for your business! Radiocrafts’ products are certified or pre-compliance tested with respect to local radio regulations for operation all around the globe, ranging from … Read more

RIIoT™ (Radiocrafts Industrial IoT) Range and Reliability Test Results Confirmed!

Radiocrafts has tested and confirmed the long range and high reliability expectations for RIIoT™! Check out our RIIoT™ test results, use cases, and important features which you could use for your business! According to Growth Enabler and other market analysis done, the global IoT market share will be dominated by 3 subsectors: smart cities at 26%, … Read more

Radiocrafts is proud to announce the release of our latest product line: RIIM™ (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh)

Radiocrafts is proud to announce the release of our latest product line: RIIM™ (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh) Have you ever dreamed of reading any sensor just by a simple get command from a Cloud application? Just by using an IP address, or setting a threshold value by a push command to an IP address. Or perhaps an … Read more

An Innovative Solution For Protecting Versus Truck Theft Using Radiocrafts RC1682-SIG

Theftex, a new independent, retroffitable, flexible, and maitenance-free alarm system with Radiocrafts RC1682-SIG Module embedded available now! Theftex has announced their new theft alarm system with the Radiocrafts RC1682-SIG module inside. Theftex is a retrofittable, effective, and cheap alarm system that pre-charges theft and prevents the theft of movable goods. The alarm system’s application is for … Read more