Design a Reliable RIIM Network Using TSCH! Simulation Results Presented!

In our newest Application Note, AN055: RIIM Network Design: Theory, Guidelines & Simulations Results, we introduce Radiocrafts’ highly reliable and long-range wireless IP mesh solution (RIIM) and the Time-Synchronized Channel-Hopping (TSCH) feature available in RIIM. TSCH was designed to make a mesh with less packet collision and higher reliability. A TSCH network has proven to … Read more

Smart Street Lighting With Radiocrafts’ State-of-The-Art IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

A modern intelligent streetlighting system based on LED lights and wireless mesh communication for supervision gives a huge return on investment, ultra-low power for energy saving, high-throughput networking, best range and coverage, and unmatched reliability! Radiocrafts has upgraded our State-of-the-Art Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, to the requirements of this domain based on feedback from … Read more

Radiocrafts’ World-Leading Wireless M-Bus Modules for Smart Metering!

Radiocrafts has decades of experience working with top-tier companies in the Smart Metering industry, with an installation base of more than 2 million world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules. Why did these top-tier companies choose Radiocrafts? A Wireless M-Bus module from Radiocrafts is always compatible with the latest additions to the Wireless M-Bus standard as we are … Read more

Radiocrafts’ New GitHub Page is Now Live!

Through extensive experience and feedback in supporting customers using our IP mesh module, RIIM, Radiocrafts has created a GitHub page. This page will be populated with a library of application and feature specific sample codes for quick and easy module testing and product prototyping/Proof of Concepts.   Each sample uploaded on the Radiocrafts GitHub page … Read more

Radiocrafts’ MIOTY1 Module Has Just Been Upgraded!

Radiocrafts has recently upgraded our MIOTY1 module, the RC1882CEF-MIOTY1, to include: Up to 245 bytes payload in a single transmission. Added ATZ command for factory reset. Added AT%RST command for module reset. This newly upgraded module and associated development tools are available for sampling purposes as a kick-starter enabling companies like yours to quickly evaluate … Read more

RIIM and RIIoT: Debugging Your ICI Application Code

Through extensive experience in supporting customers using our IP mesh module, RIIM, and our Industrial IoT module, RIIoT, Radiocrafts has collected a series of common errors and difficulties which these customers face, particularly in writing ICI application codes. We have compiled these common difficulties into an application note, AN054: Debugging with ICI, with solutions and … Read more

Wireless Extension of Industrial Buses over Radiocrafts’ RC232 and RIIM!

Radiocrafts’ RC232 and RIIM product lines offer a simple-to-use and high-performance wireless extension of RS232 and RS485 industrial fieldbuses. You can read more about this in our newest application note, ANO53: Wireless Extension of Industrial Fieldbuses. Benefits of Wireless Extensions of Fieldbuses: Key benefits of switching to wireless systems include but are not limited to: … Read more

New Application Note on RIIM Security Features!

The application note, AN052: RIIM Security Features, discusses the most common security challenges in a mesh network and how Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh (RIIM) solution addresses them in a way that provides strong security, while maintaining the crucial features of a low power wireless mesh network. As a result of Radiocrafts’ deep understanding of the … Read more

Wireless M-Bus Intelligent Sensor Interfacing and Pulse Counter Modules!

Radiocrafts has an impressive portfolio of Wireless M-Bus modules for Smart Metering and Wireless Sensor Networks  which will ensure standard-compliance, the flexibility to choose between modes and frequency bands, save you a lot of R&D investment, will take you fast to market, and are proven in quality. Included in this portfolio are Radiocrafts’ Wireless M-Bus … Read more