RC232 Technology Overview

Robust Networking Protocol for Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, & Peer-to-Peer

Radiocrafts’s protocol RC232 is designed to enable a simple and effective cable replacement when using ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band radio modules for transmission of data. The RC232 protocol is embedded in Radiocrafts RF modules and it enables star (point-to-multipoint) and point-to-point networks, as well as a multi-hop option.

The RC232 is a PHY and MAC layer protocol that is fully transparent. The serial data you send to the transmitting module on its UART interface will appear as is as serial data out from UART interface at the receiving module.

Immediately Familiar To RS232 Programmers

In a point-to-point configuration, the RC232 protocol serves as a wireless link on a serial UART (or RS232/485) communication line. The embedded programmer does not even need to know that there is a wireless link, as long as he complies to the maximum data rate and can handle the added delay on the line. (The protocol’s name, RC232, is derived from the communication standard RS232 to reinforce this idea of familiarity and, by extension, its immediate ease-of-use.)

Readily Add Your Own Application Layer

In a point-to-multipoint configuration, the RC232 protocol is used to set up a star network — including repeaters ­— using a straightforward addressing functionality. Many users add their own application layer software to create advanced proprietary networks with the RC232 protocol as the base.

The RC232 modules can be controlled with a simple-to-use UART interface, and the UART interface is also used to configure the protocol for the actual application.


The Key Benefits of the RC232 RF Protocol

point-to-point or star networks

Network configuration flexibility:
either point-to-point or star networks are possible.

ISM band
ISM band — no license needed.
no hidden license fees

Everything is included in the module price;
no hidden license fees.


Easily configurable
Easily configurable, enabling very short development times.


proven solutions

Field proven, with a million plus installed modules.

Q&A technical support
Great technical support, with an extensive
FAQ & Knowledge Base available online.


RC232 Features for Wireless Device Manufacturers

  • Complete MAC layer packet protocol
  • AES encryption of application data
  • Buffered transparent modes
  • Addressing and Broadcasting
  • Temperature and battery voltage readout
  • Factory restore
  • RSSI-append
  • Error check (CRC16)
  • 1024 byte data buffer
  • Power-saving schemes
  • Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint or Peer-to-peer
  • UART hardware handshake
  • Pin compatible modules for all ISM frequency bands


Specifications Overview for Radiocrafts RC232 RF Modules

Radiocrafts Module
Frequencies (MHz)
433, 865, 868, 915
418, 427, 433, 447, 868, 915
169, 433, 868
Data rate (kbps)
1.2 – 100
2.4 – 19.2
0.3 – 100
1.2 – 100
Range (LOS [m])
300 – 4000
500 – 2000
3000 – 10 000
500 – 2000

Note: The lowest data rate enables the longest wireless range.


Radiocrafts offers an extensive range of RC232 Wireless Modules, including:

  • The cost-effective RC11XX Series
  • The RC12XX Series, available in models for compliance to RF regulations in China, Japan, EU/CE, Nordic, Korea, and USA/FCC
  • The Ultra Narrowband RC17XXXX Series.