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ev charger communication

Do you need a cost-efficient and highly reliable local communication backbone with unmatched range and penetration capabilities for your EV Charger communication systems? Then Radiocrafts’ ultra-reliable sub-GHz IP mesh solution, RIIM, is the solution for you! 

advanced security

Unmatched reliability in data transmission success rates

long range

Up to 700m between each node, 1000 devices per mesh


High-Throughput Networking for advanced load balancing and frequent consumption reporting


Great penetration properties, both indoors and outdoors

optimized for cloud

Cloud and edge computing supported out of the box

low cost

No license/subscription fees, everything included in the module

Radiocrafts' Solution For EV Charger Communication Systems - RIIM

Requirements on the network for a successful EV Charger Communication System deployment include:

  • Low overall solution cost.
  • Highly reliable communication between charger and local load balancing controller.
  • High data throughput for sharing consumption and prices information (tariff) for billing purposes.
  • Low latency for responsive load control.
  • Adaptive load control even when cloud connectivity is unavailable.
  • Very simple network installation and node replacement (no touch commissioning)
  • Support long range.
  • Good penetration, both indoors and outdoors, ex: reinforced concrete.
  • OCPP compatible.

Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh, RIIM, provides a highly efficient solution to these EV Charger Communication System requirements.

Mobile network communication is both expensive and suffers from coverage issues. This is where Sub-GHz mesh networking comes to the rescue. Also, the Sub-GHz frequencies used by RIIM are well known to provide significantly better range than that of WiFi.

RIIM by Radiocrafts is an easy-to-use, Sub-GHz, wireless communication network completely embedded in an RF module. It includes all the critical components for a complete wireless network and has no license fee or subscription costs. It is ready to go when you buy the module. This significantly reduces the cost of the overall solution.

Additionally, since RIIM is a mesh network, it is self-forming, self-healing, and self-optimizing. It is a plug-and-play process. simplifies the deployment of your EV charger communication system greatly.

RIIM supports long range of up to 700 meters between each device in urban environments. A RIIM data packet can also spread across the network by hopping from device to device up to 28 times (28 mesh hops). This enables RIIM to cover an area up to 40×40 km2, and have up to 1000 devices for a single gateway. These benefits reduce the cost of the installation as less gateways are needed to support a large scale deployment.

ev charger communication

WiFi based communication is notoriously hard to get reliable in an EV charger setting.

RIIM enables unmatched reliability for EV charger communication systems thanks to supported Time-Synchronized Channel Hopping and Adaptive Frequency Agility features.

RIIM supports Adaptive Frequency Agility (AFA) for industry-leading low latency data throughput with minimal packet loss by taking the allowed duty cycle in Europe from 1% to around 40%! In the US, duty cycle limitations are not a big problem for frequency hopping solutions like RIIM. However, you can still take advantage of the robustness offered by AFA. AFA is essential as it enables advanced load balancing capable of operating even when the mobile network connection is unavailable. It also enables frequent consumption reporting.

RIIM supports Time Synchronized Channel Hopping (TSCH) which works by re-sending a data packet that was lost between two devices on a different channel in the next available time slot. It was designed to make a mesh with less packet collision and higher reliability. A TSCH network has proven to have a reliability of up to 99.99%. 

Good penetration in building material will significantly simplify radio coverage planning and enable you to reach that last EV charger mounted in the corner of the parking lot or other hard-to-reach places. 

RIIM provides efficient local control of nodes through mist computing and two-way symmetrical communication, enabling Over-The-Air updates. 

RIIM includes the ICI framework. An ICI application is always running on the module to tailor the modules behavior to the customers unique requirements. It works by configuring the radio network, the modules hardware interfaces, and defines when to read/write to those interfaces. ICI supports mist computing which allows you to control each EV charger station locally, significantly reducing bandwidth requirements, and allowing for fast responses to local events such as collecting consumption data from the station.

Many other IoT connectivity solutions have been designed with one-way sensor data communication in mind. A RIIM network supports 2-way symmetrical communication which is essential for Over-The-Air updates.  This means that the user can update the user defined ICI firmware when the network is deployed/in full operation. New sensors/controllers can be added when the need arises and the user can broadcast messages of new schedules efficiently. With EV charger communication systems, often times, many locations are hard to reach and will be in operation for a long time, so touch less updates of firmware is important.


Support Tools For RIIM

We recommend that you buy a RIIM Development Kit in your early stage product evaluation. The development kits are designed to be easy to use and to very quickly support a wireless link or network, where you can make a good analysis of the network performance. 

You can buy the RIIM Development kit from:

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Learn about the different RIIM Parts and Tools here.

Read our extensive documentation on RIIM, including datasheets, User Manuals, Development Kit documentation, Application Notes and more, here.

Download Software Tools for RIIM here.

Watch tutorial videos on how to use the RIIM Development Kit here.

Schedule a Teams Meeting with Radiocrafts or leave a message on our contact form to learn more about our Sub-GHz mesh networking solution, RIIM, optimized for highly reliable EV Charger Communication Systems!