Wireless mesh network at 868 MHz / 915 MHz

A 2-way symmetric IP Mesh. Everything is included in a module with automatic network set-up

RIIM™ (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh) is an embedded RF system designed to be an all-inclusive, easy to use mesh, with direct IP addressing. The RF protocol is the IEEE802.15.4 g/e standard. RIIM™ includes an Intelligent C-programmable I/O (ICI), which makes it possible to directly interface to any sensor or actuator, and, it supports Mist Computing. RIIM™ does not require any license or subscription fee.

Radiocrafts’ commitment to making connectivity easy for network designers working across a variety of radio frequency networks was the driving motivation for developing RIIM™ additions to the IEEE802.15.4 g/e standard.

The RIIM™ system consists of the following parts:

Everything is included in the module

The complete IP mesh with all features are included in the module and its firmware. No license or subscription fee is needed. No customer specific set-up is required. It is ready to go when you get the module. Just add the PAN ID, the sensor/control interface of your choice, battery power, antennas.

optimized for cloud

CoAP(s) interface to the cloud

CoAP is supported in the RIIM IPM module. It provides simplified integration with the web to make RIIM™ internet ready.

Low overhead and simplicity are key features of CoAP, which is developed to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine(M2M) devices.

CoAPs includes DTLS end to end security.

Direct IP Communication

The RIIM™ Network uses 6LoWPAN packets in the RF network to enable IPv6 communication to each individual sensor/controller. The border router provides IPv4 to IPv6 transition to communicate on IPv4 to the outside world. This makes RIIM™ directly compatible and accessible to most cloud services.

Automatic network set-up

The mesh is 100% automatic. Just add the PAN ID and the network will form itself using an algorithm that finds the most optimum path to reach individual nodes in the network, and, it stores this information in a routing table. You can monitor the quality of the links via the RIIM™ Network Dashboard.

long range

Long Range and Coverage

The RF range between the RIIM™ network nodes is impressive. We have measured results that indicate a typical range in urban environments of 700m. The range, with no obstructions in the radio path,  is an impressive 20km.

High node count

The RIIM™ network is designed for large node counts with it’s short transit pulses and 6TiSCH (time synchronized channel hopping). This minimizes packet collisions which is the largest problem for high node count networks. A RIIM™ network will support up to one thousand nodes.


Future-proof with Over-the-Air updates

Your product will be future-proofed by RIIM™’s over-the-air updates. OTA updates are possible because of RIIM™’s two-way communication channel and the module’s internal flash memory.

You can upgrade your RIIM™ nodes in the field with new sensor/actuator interfaces, new signal processing algorithms, and updated security patches. You can also keep the underlying RF system firmware current using RIIM™ Over-the-Air updates.

interface to any sensor

Universal sensor/controller interfaces

The ICI interface provides a universal interface to most sensors / controllers. This interface and the OTA capabilities of RIIM™, allows RIIM™ to interface directly to most current and future sensors/controllers.

You can learn more about ICI here.

Mist Computing Platform

Mist computing is important as it reduces the required bandwidth in the network. This is important as a typical wireless network node will spend 5x the power on communication vs computing. The compute resource is a low power MCU on the radio chip, whereas the communication power is used by high power amplifiers that need power to operate.

Typical algorithms used in mist computing are.

  • Data aggregation
  • Pre-conditioning of data
  • Filtering
  • Pattern recognition
  • And many more

You can learn more about ICI here.

Battery operation

Low Power

Low current TX/Rx/Sleep

  • TX 26 mA@ 14 dBm
  • RX 6.2 mA
  • Idle 8uA average

A RIIM™ node can last 10 years on a CR2772 (870 mAh capacity coin cell battery) while sending 12 bytes every hour, 24 hours per day.

Read more about the RIIM™ parts and tools here.