RC1702HP Module For Custom Applications

The RC1702HP is a compact surface-mounted module that measures only 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.7 mm. The module got several optional peripherals (EEPROM, 32 kHz crystal oscillator) and interfaces and is suitable as a versatile platform for custom variants for various applications using the 169 MHz frequency band. The module contains an ultra narrowband radio transceiver, temperature compensated crystal oscillator, power amplifier and a communication controller with embedded software. The radio is pre-certified for operation under the European regulations (CE, RoHS, REACH).

Radiocrafts module

The module is used as a versatile customizable hardware platform which can be an autonomous system (no external MCU required) running the full application code. For example; battery operated water and gas meters, low power environmental sensors and actuators for various industrial applications.

Long Range

RIIM Sub-GHz Wireless Mesh Network - Long Range

High Penetration Properties

Ultra Low Power Modes

battery operation

Pre-Certified Under European Regulations

High Reliability

Versatile Platform For Custom Variants


The Module Benefits Include:

  • Long range, high reliabilty
  • Ultra narrowband, high-performance radio
  • High sensitivity and high selectivity
  • High blocking properties
  • High RF Power, long range (up to 20 km Line-Of-Sight)
  • Completely shielded module
  • 2.75 – 3.8 V supply voltage
  • Ultra low power modes
  • Conforms with EU RED directive (EN 300 220, EN 301 489, EN 60950), RoHS, REACH

RC1702HP Module Reference Data:

Frequency Bands
Data rate
1.2 - 100
Max Output Power
+ 27
Sensitivity (1.2 kbps)
Supply Voltage VCC
2.75 - 3.8
Supply Voltage Internal PA
2.5 - 3.8
Current Consumption, RX / IDLE
Current Consumption Tx (+27 dBm)
Current Consumption - SLEEP
Max 2.0
Temperature Range
-30 to +85

Some examples of external peripherals that have been supported in various customized applications include:

  • IRDa interface for local communication
  • NFC interface for local communication
  • Interface to RTC (real time clock) chip for timekeeping / calendar
  • External EEPROM memory for storing firmware image for over-the-air updates
  • Pulse inputs with counters (forward and reverse) for mechanical water and gas meters
  • SPI interface to metrology controller or sensor
  • I2C interface to sensors
  • Digital inputs for tamper alarm switch of Hall sensor
  • Battery voltage supervision using the ADC

Radiocrafts will provide full application circuits for the external peripherals (IRDa, NFC, RTC, EEPROM etc).

The module has been used in smart metering applications successfully implementing ultra-low power operation with 15 years battery lifetime on single AA-cell. The module provided an NFC interface for local configuration and over-the-air (OTA) firmware update with a two-way Wireless M-Bus or Wize compliant communication protocol. The complete data acquisition management and transmission scheduling was done by the internal MCU application code.

You can find the datasheet for the RC1702HP module here.

You can contact Radiocrafts if you have any further questions regarding the RC1702HP module.