Our product saves you the R&D investment, and takes you fast to the market.


Discover IoT solutions connecting your devices to the cloud using ultra narrowband radio for very long range and countrywide coverage.

wireless m-bus

Easy to Use wireless standard protocol for communication to and between water, gas, heat, electricity meters, and data concentrators.


Tinymesh™ is a powerful and efficient wireless mesh network infrastructure solution with a ready to implement cloud service.

znm logo

ZNM is the most popular low-cost, low-power wireless mesh networking standard for home-, building- and industrial- automation.

The international wireless standard protocol for home- and building automation by the KNX Association.

The RC-232 is a proprietary point-to-point or point to multi-point protocol, proven in the industry. An Easy to Use cable replacement and networking protocol.

wize alliance

The Wize technology is a low-power, long-range and bi-directional wireless communication that is specifically designed to reach “hard-to access” objects.

A hardware platform designed to create the module with your own firmware, chosen by your specific needs.

RIIoT is an RF system designed to meet the sensor and actuator connectivity requirements for the Industrial IoT.

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