Development Kits

The Development Kits from Radiocrafts are designed to provide an easy-to-use evaluation and prototyping solution for the wireless network designer.

Quick Overview

The Development Kits contain two (for ZNM and Tinymesh three ) PCBs populated with Radiocrafts RF modules, antennas and USB cables. Several PC software tools are available and can be downloaded from the Radiocrafts web site, intended to be used with the Kit, providing a complete prototyping solution where network characteristics can be tested and the configuration parameters can be selected. These tools range from a simple Configuration and Communication Tool (CCT), to the MBUS-DEMO tool, with packet sniffer and meter emulation. There are also specific tools available for the other product families.

It is very easy to get started with the Development Kit (DK) once received from Radiocrafts.

  1. Attach the antenna that is included in the kit to the antenna connector on the PCB.
  2. Connect the USB cable included in the kit between the DK and a serial port on the PC.
  3. Download and install the Radiocrafts software for the selected product family.
  4. Start the PC software tool.
  5. Select the correct COM-port and set the correct data rate, 1 start bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.

Development Kits Benefits


Easy To Use

Industry Proven Solutions

Complete Solution

Available For All Modules

Available For All Modules

Features of the Development Kits include:

  • Breakout of all I/O pins for easy prototyping
  • Antenna connector
  • LED Indicators for Power, TX and RX
  • Option to input VCC from external source
  • Optional battery operation for mobile testing.
  • Possibility to do supply current measurement
  • Programming connector. This can be used to program the module with new firmware, only after agreement with Radiocrafts.

Note: The enclosed antenna is a quarter wave antenna with good performance. However, the Demo Board ground plane is quite small and will therefore not privide optimum radiation and range.  For maximum range testing we suggest using an antenna placed on an optimzied ground plane. Please see the User Manual for further details.

The ordering code is the part number of the module followed by -DK, e.g. RC1180-RC232-DK


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