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Welcome to the Customer Support Page!

Upon logging in, you will be redirected to this page. The Customer Support page is where you will find a number of important support materials to help you, our customers, easily work with Radiocrafts modules or to simply improve your general knowledge in the wireless communication world. These important support materials include:


Webinar Presentations

Support Resources

Explore the vast amount of support resources Radiocrafts has to offer!

We have extensive documentation that tackle every question you might have, downloadable software development kits and other software tools, scheduled webinars and insightful video snippets on how to work with Radiocrafts products and much much more.

Explore the Radiocrafts support resources here.


Improve your knowledge on the wireless communication world by reading the Radiocrafts blog!

The idea behind this blog is to share our extensive knowledge of Low Power RF Networking with you while simultaneously creating a more enjoyable environment where you can interact with us and other fellow blog readers. We will talk about various different subjects including range, low power, dense networks, node count, energy harvesting, and more. We hope you enjoy your reading experience and your fruitful discussions with one another!

Explore the Radiocrafts blog here.


Latest News

Keep up with the latest news and insights from Radiocrafts by reading our news page here.

Documents Related to RED Directive & FCC

Please find declarations of conformity here

Product Change Notifications

Please find PCNs for Hardware and Firmware in seperate pages:

FAQ and Technical Support

Over the past 15 years, Radiocrafts has received an abundance of questions regarding Radiocrafts products and how to work with them.

We find that many if not all of these questions will eventually come up again, so, through our experience in providing world class support to our customers, Radiocrafts has prepared an enormous database of questions and answers which covers every Radiocrafts product.

You can find this database here.