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Radiocrafts has been involved in a variety of projects over the last couple of decades that required many different competencies and experiences. Over time, leading engineers at Radiocrafts developed an expertise that has helped in delivering millions of modules in the RF Module market. We have recognized that this expertise is in high demand. Because of this, we have decided to host a series of online webinars, where we train and discuss various topics, all related to wireless communication. Additionally, we have created short and informative video snippets which are either extracts from the RF expert’s webinar presentations we host, or, videos we have made ourselves with the purpose of helping you improve your knowledge in the wireless communication world.

Note: Webinar invites will be sent out via email approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled webinar, and will be posted below where you can click the “register now” button to register.  


Webinar Recordings

RIIM Mesh: Optimized For Low Power And High Data Traffic
The Wireless M-Bus Ecosystem: Protocol, Applications & Products
Maximize Customer Success Through Turn-Key Projects With Radiocrafts
World-Wide Regulations Guide to Sub-GHz License Free Wireless Equipment
Solar Industry Revolution And The Impact Of Wireless Communication
Simple and Easy Internet Connectivity With RIIM
RIIM – The Optimal Solution For Industrial and Building Automation
Mioty Q&A: A Game-Changing LPWAN For Best-In-Class Reliability & Scalability
Overview of Radiocrafts’ World-Leading Wireless M-Bus Solutions
The Mioty Ecosystem: Mioty Protocol, Products & Field Trial Results
RIIM Q&A Talk Show: Everything You Ever Wondered About Our IP Mesh Solution
Expert Guide on Picking The Best Wireless Technology For Your Use Case
Tailoring RIIM to Different Applications
RIIM and RIIoT: Debugging Your ICI Application Code
The Wize Ecosystem: Wize Protocol, Products, and Local Deployments
RIIM vs. Other Technologies: When to Choose RIIM
State-of-the-Art IP Mesh For State-of-the-Art Street Lighting
Our Industry Leading Sub-GHz Mesh Just Got a Major Upgrade: RIIM 2.0
Wireless Solutions For Next Generation Smart Irrigation
Battery-Operated Mesh: Theory, Benefits, and Performance Results
The Wize Ecosystem: Wize Protocol and Products
MIOTY: Introducing The New LPWAN For Increased Scalability and Reliability
RIIM for Smart Street Lighting Networks: Simulations Results
Tips And Tricks To Achieve Low Power In Radio Networks
How To Create An IP Mesh Network
Wireless Solutions For Hard To Reach Places
How to Actualize A Long Range Wireless Network With Many Sensors
A Direct IP Connection From The Cloud To Any Sensor, We Show You How!
Get a Faster Response Time From Your RF Network
Expectation and Influencing Factors For Range in RF Networks, Case Study RIIoT™ 
  Connecting Hundreds of Wireless IoT Nodes To One Gateway 
  Designing Wireless Solution for Low Power Technologies and Solutions 
  Designing Industrial IoT Networks 
  Wireless Sensor Networks 
  Range and Reliability in Wireless Networks
  Everything You Wondered about Setting up a Wireless M-BUS Network 
  Designing and Tuning a 169 MHz Antenna 

Watch Our Video Snippets!

RIIM Video Snippets

How To Get Started With RIIM: Part 1 – How To Setup A RIIM Development Kit

How To Get Started With RIIM: Part 2 – How To Run a RIIM Network Using The RIIM SDK

How To Get Started With RIIM: Part 3 – How To Create Your Own ICI Application

How To Get Started With RIIM: Part 4 – How To Configure And Install A RIIM Network Using PAN IDs

How To Get Started With RIIM: Part 5 – How To Connect The RIIM Network To The Cloud Using ThingsBoard As An Example

High-Throughput Networking With Polite Spectrum Access in RIIM demo

Time Synchronization in RIIM

How To Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code With The RIIM SDK

Ultra Low Power Consumption Demo With RIIM

How to Achieve Deep Sleep in RIIM

High-Throughput Networking Demo With RIIM Mesh Technology!

Uploading New Platforms To The RIIM Module!

Market Leading Radio For Smart Irrigation

Radiocrafts’ Next-Gen Smart Irrigation Evaluation Kit

Commissioning a Large Scale Solar Tracker Installation Using RIIM Mesh

How To Install And Setup The RIIM SDK

RC232 Video Snippets

How To Get Started With RC232 RCTools

How To Install The RC232 RCTools

RIIoT Video Snippets

Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – How the Whole System Works – Part 1 of 3

Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – Setup Radiocrafts ICI Interface – Part 2 of 3

Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – RIIoT To Cloud Setup Demo – Part 3 of 3

Tinymesh Video Snippets

1. Intro to Tinymesh Part 1

2. Intro to Tinymesh Part 2

3. Introduction to TinySolution Cloud Platform

4. A Practical Tinymesh Network Demo

5. How to Configure a Tinymesh Device

6. How to Configure Serial Port Communication in Transparent Mode

7. How to Configure Serial Port Communication in Packet Mode

8. How to do Digital Output Control

9. How to do Digital Dimming Control

Webinar Extracted Video Snippets

LPWAN vs WSN: Technology Comparisons

          How is Range Estimated?

Customer Success Through Customized Modules With Radiocrafts!

Customer Success Through Turn-Key Projects With Radiocrafts!

Wireless M-Bus Video Snippets

Ep1: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Modes

Ep2: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Use Cases

Ep3: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Security Modes

Ep4: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Battery Lifetime

Ep5: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: OMS

Radiocrafts Wireless M-Bus Solutions and Customisation Options