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Radiocrafts has been involved in a variety of projects over the last 15 years that required many different competencies and experiences. Over time, leading engineers at Radiocrafts developed an expertise that has helped in delivering millions of modules in the RF Module market. We have recognized that this expertise is in high demand. Because of this, we have decided to host a series of online webinars, where we train and discuss various topics, all related to wireless communication. Additionally, we have created short and informative video snippets which are either extracts from the RF expert’s webinar presentations we host, or, videos we have made ourselves with the purpose of helping you improve your knowledge in the wireless communication world.

Note: Webinar invites will be sent out via email approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled webinar, and will be posted below where you can click the “register now” button to register.  

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How to Actualize A Long Range Wireless Network With Many Sensors

Hosted on: May 23rd, 2019 at 10 am CEST (Central European Summer Time); 9 am CET (Central European Time)

Main Discussion Points:

  • Learn about spectrum limitations.
  • Learn about what regulations have to say on the topic.
  • Learn how to compromise within the set limitations.  

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Webinar Road-Map

Webinar TopicMonth HostedPresenter
169 MHz Pros and Cons in LPWAN SolutionsJunePeder Martin Evjen, Managing Director
Designing and Verifying a Wireless Sensor For 10 Years Battery LifetimeJulyØrjan Nottveit, R&D Director
Security (Making Your IoT Solution Secure)AugustØrjan Nottveit, R&D Director

Watch Our Video Snippets!

RIIoT Snippets

Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – How the Whole System Works – Part 1 of 3

Quick & Easy Sensor To Cloud Setup – Setup Radiocrafts ICI Interface – Part 2 of 3

Webinar Extracted Video Snippets

LPWAN vs WSN: Technology Comparisons

          How is Range Estimated?                               

Wireless M-Bus Snippets

Ep1: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Modes

Ep2: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Use Cases

Ep3: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Security Modes

Ep4: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: Battery Lifetime

Ep5: Wireless M-Bus Snippet: OMS