Radiocrafts Success Stories and Reference Cases

Join Radiocrafts in exploring our customers’ success stories, which in turn, become Radiocrafts’ success stories!

Radiocrafts’ high quality, high performance and cost effective RF modules have helped our customers get fast to market in a wide variety of wireless long range applications!

Our modules provide the customer with a competitive advantage in the market, driven by short development times and fast production ramp-up while reducing investments and risks! 

Radiocrafts success stories

Cardiff University

Cryoegg – Greenland Ice Sheet Monitoring (169 MHz)

Challenge Solved: Help scientists understand how glaciers are moving towards the ocean by reporting on meltwater behaviour located up to 2 km within the glaciers.


RC1701HP-MBUS4 Module (Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz)

Quote: “For this project we were looking for a radio link that offered long range and deep penetration, and which would be quick to design into our instrument. The RC1701HP module proved to be exceptionally easy to use and performed very well in our field tests in Greenland. We’ve also have had great support from the team at Radiocrafts.” – Mike Prior-Jones, Post Doctoral Research Associate

Enless Wireless

Sigfox Transmitters for Smart Building Applications (868 MHz)

Challenge Solved: Fast to market product releases through easy and quick integration of Radiocrafts’ high performance Sigfox modules.

RC1682-SIG Module (SIGFOX 868 MHz)

Quote: “For almost 10 years Enless’ and Radiocraft’s teams are working closely together to offer to the market, state of the art low power/low consumption long range radio transmitters. Enless transmitters embed multiprotocol Radiocrafts radio modules (wMBus/Sigfox/Wize) running on 868 & 169 MHz frequencies. Radiocrafts modules offer high radio performances at a competitive price. Their small size and development interfaces allow easy and quick integration for optimized time to market product releases” – Bruno Petit, Managing Director

EZ Meter

Wireless Energy Management Submeter (915 MHz)

Challenge Solved: Efficient grid performance analysis (utilities) and energy consumption monitoring (buildings) through a highly scalable, reliable, and long-range mesh network. Automatic network commissioning requiring minimum of manpower to operate.

RIIM Radio.v.2

RC1892HPCF-IPM Module (RIIM 915 MHz)

Quote: “Working with Radiocrafts on integrating their new RIIM product line with our electric submeter energy management at the board level was a refreshing experience in today’s world.  We truly value our relationship with Radiocrafts, their expertise, and are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship” – Ryan Fetgatter, CEO



Wireless temperature sensor for central heat monitoring and legionella prevention (868 MHz)

Challenge solved: Fast to market product releases through quick & easy integration of Radiocrafts’ high performance Mioty modules.


RC1882CEF-MIOTY1 Module (Mioty 868 MHz)

Quote: “We are one of Radiocrafts’ long-standing customers and partners for good reason. The consistently high product quality of the RC module families is outstanding.” – Christoph Grundig, CO-Founder.

InFact and Scion

Forest Flows (915 MHz)

Challenge Solved: Efficient and data-rich water monitoring through a highly scalable, robust, and long-range mesh network, including in a difficult, hard-to-reach forest environment.


RC1892HPCF-IPM Module (RIIM 915 MHz)

Quote: “The Radiocrafts RIIM module has allowed us to create and implement a mesh-based, cloud-connected datalogger for use in ultra-difficult real-world RF environments.”– Logan Stephens, Design Manager of InFact

Scandinavian Radio Technology


Alarm Receiver (2.4 GHz)

Challenge Solved: Alarm receiver fully compatible with other SRT alarm devices able to act as an Indoor Positioning System network gateway. Tinymesh RF communication means it is well suited for use in environments with little to no GSM coverage.


RC2500HP-TM Module (Tinymesh 2.4 GHz)

Quote: “Radiocrafts’ RC25 series Tinymesh products have taken center stage in development of a number of diverse applications over the past several years all of which give an edge to our range of personal alarm products in a fairly competitive market. We have always appreciated the variety of options provided by multi-hop mesh protocol that brought major benefits whenever it came to offering solutions to various usage scenarios. Radiocrafts’ competent development and support teams have also been very responsive and helpful when we needed their skills for deeper troubleshooting or even more customization.” – Burak Zencirci, Embedded Software Engineer



Smart Meter Gateway (868 MHz)

Challenge Solved: Fast to market product releases through quick & easy integration of Radiocrafts’ high performance Wireless M-Bus modules; improved market position.

RC1180-MBUS3 Module (Wireless M-Bus 868 MHz)

Quote: “Thanks to Radiocrafts’ solutions, we were able to speed up the time-to-market of our products, thereby improving our market position.” – Eng. Massimo Valerii, CEO



Ultrasound-based RTLS (Real-Time Location System) indoor positioning technology. (2.4 GHz)

Challenge Solved: Provides accurate and reliable location data to help automate workflows, improve productivity and provide essential tools for staff and patient safety.

RC241x(HP) Module (Customizable 2.4 GHz)

Quote: “The Radiocrafts module is a key component in our Sonitor® SenseTM RTLS (Real-Time Location System) indoor positioning technology. Being a reliable, high-quality supplier of radio modules, Radiocrafts has supplied us with more than a hundred thousand modules that are designed into our Sense RTLS platform now installed in well over 200 global facilities. Using a readymade module simplifies the design, the production, test and maintenance, as well as radio certification.” – Sandra Rasmussen, Senior VP in Global Marketing and North America Sales

SUEZ Smart Solutions

Smart Meter Gateway (868 MHz)

Challenge Solved: Fast to market product releases through quick & easy integration of Radiocrafts’ high performance Wireless M-Bus modules; improved market position.


RC1702HP Module (Wize 169 MHz)

Quote: “Radiocrafts modules allowed us to develop products quickly and efficiently when the projected quantities were limited and could not support the NRE of a full radio product development, and, when the timeline of the project could not allow for a complete development. Especially, the precertification of the modules is a strong benefit.” – Samuel Loyson, Head of Smart Metering



Comprehensive monitoring system of audit-relevant environmental parameters (868 MHz)

Challenge solved: Reliably measure and record all audit-relevant environmental parameters to meet regulatory requirements, allowing employees/staff to focus on real value-adding tasks.


RC18x0 Module (Customizable 868 MHz)

Quote: “The Radiocrafts module is a vital part of our testo Saveris Pharma environmental monitoring system providing a self-sufficient radio network which has an outstanding range and signal robustness for use in closed spaces. In addition, using a readymade module simplifies the design, test, production, maintenance, and radio certification.” – Axel Bärmann, Senior Project Manager