Next-Gen Solar Evaluation Kit!

A quick and easy-to-use Solar Evaluation Kit designed to provide a prototyping solution for a variety of Solar applications including solar tracking, inverter and DC combiner monitoring, energy storage solutions and more!

Next-Gen Solar Evaluation Kit

The Evaluation Kit Comes With:

  • 4 Development Boards with RIIM Mesh modules
  • 1 Mesh Router – Gateway connected to the power plant controller / datalogger
  • 3 Mesh Routers – Devices in the utility-scale solar field or building rooftop. Ex: Solar trackers, electricity meters, DC combiners, inverters, irrometers.
  • 4 AA Battery Holders
  • 4 antennas
  • 1 USB Cable

In this Solar installation evaluation kit setup, one board is connected to the PC and the other 3 boards are placed in the testing area (in your utility-scale solar field or building rooftop). In addition, to show case the low power consumption and high data throughput of the RIIM technology, all 4 boards are powered by 2 AA batteries and set to the 150 kbps data rate mode.

After powering the boards, you will run a premade python script on the PC to start up the mesh network. The PC shows you how the devices are connected, the signal strength, and the uplink and downlink latency when communicating with the power plant controller / datalogger.

Each of the mesh routers are capable of forwarding data packets between devices up to the power plant controller / datalogger while at the same time controlling solar trackers and inverters or logging energy data generated by the electricity meters, inverters, or other sensors.

The Solar Evaluation Kit takes full advantage of Radiocrafts’ market-leading Sub-GHz mesh module, RIIM, to provide long range (up to 84 x 84 km² or 52 x 52 mi²), low latency for both efficient inverter or solar tracker control and sensor data communication, unmatched reliability (99.99% successful packet delivery rate), and high data throughput with the 150 kbps data rate mode, for an efficient Solar installation offering simplified commissioning for quick rollouts and superb scaling capabilities.

Commissioning A Large Solar Tracking Installation Using RIIM Mesh

Radiocrafts visited one of our solar tracker customers to assist in commissioning their large scale installation. The results we will share with you now showcase why our RIIM mesh network is the optimal wireless technology for solar tracking among other applications as well.

Solar Evaluation Kit: Solar Tracker Installation
Sub-GHz vs 2.4 GHz in Solar Tracking

RIIM outperforms most 2.4 GHz solutions in that it supports up to 32 devices on a single mesh hop from the gateway. This means you can have up to 32 devices connected directly to the gateway in a RIIM network. Fewer mesh hops also means the system supports a lower latency.

In addition, Sub-GHz solutions support better radio penetration through solar tracker metal beams with less panel reflections offering a superior solution for installations in non line-of-sight or uneven terrain.

RIIM supports near real time communication with 10 – 20 milliseconds latency on a single mesh hop and 100 – 110 milliseconds with 4 hops, which is exceptionally low.

We also tested the latency for Firmware Over-The-Air Updates which takes a comparatively low 3 minutes when tested against many other Sub-GHz technologies.

Sector Antenna
Sector Antenna
Soar Evaluation Kit: Solar Tracker Field Partitioning With Sector Antennas
Solar Tracker Field Partitioning With Sector Antennas

In terms of commissioning, you have the option of placing a single gateway in the middle of the field which is capable of covering the entire field, or you can also use sector antennas.

Sector antennas are used to split the field into different sections, for example, in this particular installation we used 3 sector antennas. The benefit of using the sector antennas in this case is that you will get one third of the number of gateway placements required and a third of the number of fiber cables to lay out which leads to a decrease in cost and simplifies the installation significantly. You can also have a few thousand devices connected to a single gateway with such an installation.

Radiocrafts offers free support for antenna design, PCB trace antennas, and radio spectrum considerations!

Spectrum Analyser
Spectrum Analyser

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