[GENERAL] How can I optimize my antenna performance?

If you use a wire or PCB trace antenna, the simples way to optimize performance without expensive instruments is to make the antenna intentionally to long. Then measure range and repeat range measurement for shorter and shorter antenna. The range can be measured by either packet error at a fixed distance or RSSI readings. These … Read more

[GENERAL] What is the best antenna for my application?

There is no antenna that is best for all application. Factors that influence which antenna to use is depending on – Cost requirements – Space restriction – Performance requirements – Frequency used – Ease of use Chip antenna Connector mount antenna PCB antenna Wire antenna

[GENERAL] I get shorter range than expected. What can be wrong?

There are some elements that effect the range you get with Radiocrafts module – Antenna – Noise at receiver – Environment between transmitter and receiver To get the antenna working is crucial to get a good range. There are a low of theory to be read on antenna, but check out our FAQ “What is … Read more