[GENERAL] I get shorter range than expected. What can be wrong?

There are some elements that effect the range you get with Radiocrafts module
– Antenna
– Noise at receiver
– Environment between transmitter and receiver

To get the antenna working is crucial to get a good range. There are a low of theory to be read on antenna, but check out our FAQ “What is the best antenna for my application?” and “How can I optimize my antenna performance?” for a more practical guide.

Range can also be effected through RF noise at the receiver. Noise sources can be processor on the same board as the module or product nearby (e.g. like PCB screen). The noise source generate noise at the frequency one want to receive. The noise is transferred to the module though radiation or conductive through wires and PCB.

The Environment between transmitter and receiver can normally not be changed. But it is important to understand that typical range is normally given as line of sight. This means that one can see the transmitter from the receiver. If you have buildings or walls between two device the range will be significantly reduced compared to line of sight number.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

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