[W-MBUS] As far as the data format is concerned, the “”MBUS-CCT user manual”” states: “”To send ASCII characters, type them in and hit the enter key or click on the send once button””. In case bytes have to be sent, we know that te first byte should be the Length byte. We tried to transmit the same bytes sequence shown as an example in the user manual (pag. 4): ‘5 0x33 0x25 6 78 7’. In both cases (ASCII and bytes transmission) nothing is transmitted across the link (or at least nothing appears at the receiver side). Comments?

IT is OK to send ASCII strings but still you need the length byte correct. To send “hello” you must type: ‘5’hello

    Last Update: October 23, 2017  

    October 23, 2017   1518    Wireless M-Bus Q&A