One footprint, multiple frequencies/protocol

A problem shared by many designers in the RF Networking world is how to support many geographies and/or standards that are required from a flexible gateway solution in an international market place.

Radiocrafts offers full flexibility for customers who are looking for different radio solutions. Its is now possible to make one PCB design and combine several radio protocols and frequencies by only changing the radio module and the antenna length. Only minor adjustments in the host controller firmware are necessary to swap between different radio protocols. The footprint compatible Wireless M-Bus solution and high power IEEE802.15.4 platform for Zigbee, Smart Energy,  and RF4CE radio module give a unique flexibility.

Radiocrafts has created a solution in a very smart, yet simple way. All our modules, except the ones with a built in antenna, can share the same PCB foot print. This means that by only changing the RF module in the BoM, and sometimes the antenna, then several geographies and standards can be supported with the same gateway solution.

One footprint supports:

Region Frequency RF protocol
Europe 169MHz Wireless MBUS, TinyMesh, RC232, WIZE
Europe 433-434MHz Wireless MBUS, TinyMesh, RC232
India 865-867MHz Wireless MBUS, TinyMesh, RC232
Europe 868MHz Wireless MBUS, TinyMesh, RC232, KNX, Sigfox, RIIoT, RIIM
USA/FCC 902-928MHz TinyMesh, RC232, RIIoT, RIIM
Global 2.45GHz Wireless MBUS, TinyMesh, RC232, ZNM


There are some additional regions supported for RC232 in our RC12xx series, please check our web for further details.

The actual PCB foot print to support all the frequencies and standard in the table above is described in detail in AN026:One Common Footprint for Many Technologies.