[W-MBUS] “We are following observations on the MBUS3 repeater 1. Repeater repeats the message after Random delay we have observed it as up to 20 seconds. 2. Repeater does not repeat the message in the sequence it is received . 3. Sometimes message does not get repeated. We have tested this when with the Transmitter transmits every 3 seconds and at the receiver it is replied within 500 mSec of received message. Can you please give your comments on these observations. “

Please see MBUS User Manual for details about the repeater functionality embedded in the module. You will see that there is a random delay before repeating the packet to avoid collision. This is also the reason that the repeater stores the incoming packets and repeat them in a random order. It is only SND-IR and SND-NR packets that are repeated.

    Last Update: January 18, 2018  

    January 18, 2018   1206    Wireless M-Bus Q&A