[ZNM] “We are still looking at the RC2400HP-ZNM module. If we want to save on the certification cost for FCC and ETSI, what approach would you recommend? Do you offer this module with a ceramic chip antenna? If so, could you provide details about range, radiation pattern and layout recommendations of such module? “

“Yes, we have an variant of the module with ceramic chip antenna.
Attached datasheet contains radiation pattern, recommended layout etc.

If you put a PCB antenna on your board there have to be additional test and FCC-recertification. (That I understand you do not want to do)

Yes, you must do EMC (unintentional radiation ) on final product.

We have seen a challenge in addition for ETSI EN 300 328.
If you use High power version, you can transmit more than allowed if you send maximum power.
The power level can of course be tuned down, however that correct setting to use varies between end products.
This is due to the peak radiation from the product change depending on module placement and on ground plane size/shape.
So I would recommend 1 hour in an ambionic chamber to optimize output power. (~2-3% cost of full ETSI/FCC/IC)

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1401    ZNM Q&A