[RC232] In order to save costs, the customer need to make a only one board that can accept the different devices: RC1240 or RC1701 / RC1701HP or RC1740 / RC1740HP or RC1780 / RC1780HP or RC11x. Could you supply a final schematic for all pins (series resistors, pull-up, diode etc.)?

Unfortunately we do not have a schematic supporting all Modules like you request. You need to study the individual data sheet and make 0 ohm resistor network for different pins. Pleaser also see enclosed wsheet inform about pin differences between RC12xx and RC11xx. For RC17xxHP, the pinout is same as RC11xx, bot RC17xxHP has additional pins as described in data sheet.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    January 25, 2017   1369    RC232 Q&A