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Radiocrafts designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of wireless long-range applications. The Ease-of-Use of these modules will help you to increase your market success driven by short development time and fast production ramp-up while reducing investments and risk. Radiocrafts also offers easy-to-use Development Kits and software tools and a world-class support team and distribution network for a high quality and fast-to-market experience.

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Customer Success Stories and Reference Cases

169 MHz Wize Devices (169 MHz)

RC1702HP Module (Wize 169 MHz)

Quote: “Radiocrafts modules allowed us to develop products quickly and efficiently when the projected quantities were limited and could not support the NRE of a full radio product development, and, when the timeline of the project could not allow for a complete development. Especially, the precertification of the modules is a strong benefit.” – Samuel Loyson, Head of Smart Metering

Smart Meter Gateway (868 MHz)

RC1180-MBUS3 Module (wM-Bus 868 MHz)

Quote: “Thanks to Radiocrafts’ solutions, we were able to speed up the time-to-market of our products, thereby improving our market position.” – Eng. Massimo Valerii, CEO

Forest Flows Datalogger (915 MHz)

RC1892HPCF-IPM Module (RIIM 915 MHz)

Quote: “The Radiocrafts RIIM module has allowed us to create and implement a mesh-based, cloud-connected datalogger for use in ultra-difficult real-world RF environments.”– Logan Stephens, Design Manager of InFact

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We are currently hiring talented individuals in the roles of:

  • Embedded Firmware Development Engineer For Wireless Communications Protocols


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