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Enless Wireless

enless wireless

Bruno Petit
Tel: +33556359747
Email: contact@enless.fr
Address: 45 Ter Avenue de Verdun – 33520 – Bruges

Enless Wireless is an M2M IOT French based company specialised in development and marketing of low power long range radio transmitters dedicated mainly to Building management systems and smart metering.

Enless Wireless are targeting OEM’s and Building system integrators mainly on the European market

Enless Wireless range includes temperature, humidity, CO2 and metering reading radio transmitters based on 868 MHz and 169 MHz radio frequencies. Radio protocols are standardised such as Wireless M-Bus and SIGFOX


Temperature, humidity, CO2 and meter reading transmitters both on 868 & 169 MHz bands

Product range 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus

Product range 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus

Product range 868 MHz SIGFOX


Peter Grundig
Tel: +49-(0)208-7404927-0
Email: info@greatech.de
Address: Lindenstrasse 66a – 45478 – Mülheim an der Ruhr

GREATech has worldwide activities in providing hardware and software development services for wireless communication applications, technical consulting, such as prototyping and proof of concept.

GREATech team involves highly experienced electrical engineers, some of them are working over 40 years in radio frequency technology and digital signage processing field.

GREATech offers solutions for wireless High End Audio Projects, GSM/GPS solutions and are well prepared for the Internet of things. Organization also produces Wireless Sensor Networks for air quality, temperature and humidity measurement. GREATech has 2 their own products lines – Sensoco and Syncronice.

Products and Services

Sigfox Particle Sensor


Sensoco – Wireless Sensor Systems

Sensoco Gsm Gateway


Universal Wireless Ethernet Gateway

Wireless M-Bus units for power, gas and water meters MUCs.

Design Services




Tel: +33556359747
Email: sales@2n.cz
Address: Modřanská 621/72,
143 01 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

2N® SmartCom PRO is a full-featured M2M solution developed for managing wireless terminal equipment and remote systems. Their secure management is ensured via protocol-independent data transmission in the GPRS/UMTS/LTE network. Naturally enough there is also the remote control of integrated switching elements, the reading of input values or the automatic charging of an external backup battery.


Tel: +49 3677 7613060
Email: info@solvimus.de
Address: Ratsteichstr. 5,
98693 Ilmenau,

The M-Bus is the most popular communication interface for the primary communication with meters. Two compact Ethernet gateways are available, the MBUS-GE20V and MBUS-GE80V. Both combine a powerful bus master and an Ethernet node. The devices are the basis for the smart metering via Ethernet networks. The compact and powerful gateways are based on our own developed M-Bus master. All required functions, including power generation and galcanic isolation, are combined in a housing for DIN rails with a width of 35mm (2TE).

Sierra Wireless

Tel: +1 877 687 7795
Email: n/a
Address: 13811 Wireless Way Richmond,
British Columbia V6V 3A4,

The FX30 expansion boards from Radiocrafts provide cloud connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on a Sierra Wireless 3G/4G LTE Gateway. Together with the Radiocrafts wireless network modules, a complete IoT sensor network with cloud connection is easily made. The FX30 Gateway has an internal slot for expansion cards, where the Radiocrafts expansion card is plugged in. The interface between the main Gateway CPU and the expansion cards are via UART or SPI.

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