Our valued partners and friends we are proud of.

We are proud to work with partners to create an ecosystem for complete solutions for our customer. The partners are in product and design, Wireless M-Bus gateways, RIIoT™ gateways, and our distributors.

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Product and Design Partners

Our design partners actively designing products and solution based on our RF modules.

Enless Wireless

Enless Wireless
Products & Services
Enless Wireless




Bruno Petit

Web: www.enless-wireless.com
Tel: +33556359747
Email: contact@enless.fr
Address: 45 Ter Avenue de Verdun – 33520 – Bruges

Products & Services

Enless Wireless is an M2M IOT French based company specialised in development and marketing of

low power, long range radio transmitters dedicated mainly to building management systems and

smart metering.


Enless Wireless are targeting OEM’s and building system integrators mainly in the European market.


Enless Wireless’ range includes temperature, humidity, CO2 and metering reading radio transmitters based on 868 MHz and 169 MHz radio frequencies. Radio protocols are standardised such as

Wireless M-Bus and SIGFOX.



Temperature, humidity, CO2 and meter reading transmitters both on 868 & 169 MHz bands.


Product range 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus


Product range 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus


Product range 868 MHz SIGFOX



Products & Services

Peter Grundig

Web: www.greatech.de
Tel: +49-(0)208-7404927-0
Email: info@greatech.de
Address: Lindenstrasse 66a – 45478 – Mülheim an der Ruhr

Products & Services

GREATech has worldwide activities in providing hardware and software development services for

wireless communication applications and technical consulting, such as prototyping and proof of



GREATech’s team involves highly experienced electrical engineers, some of which are working over 40 years in radio frequency technology and digital signage processing field.


GREATech offers solutions for wireless High End Audio Projects, GSM/GPS solutions and are well

prepared for the Internet of things. The organization also produces Wireless Sensor Networks for air quality, temperature, and humidity measurement. GREATech has 2 their own products lines – Sensoco and Syncronice.


Products and Services


Sigfox Particle Sensor



Sensoco – Wireless Sensor Systems



Sensoco Gsm Gateway



Universal Wireless Ethernet Gateway



Wireless M-Bus units for power, gas and water meters MUCs.



Design Services




Infinite Informatics

Infinite Informatics
Products & Services
Infinite Informatics






Infinite Informatics Ltd

Web: www.infinite.com.gr

Tel:+30 2310 553545

Email: info@infinite.com.gr

Address: Valaoritou 1, 54626 Thessaloniki, Greece 

Products & Services

Infinite is established by a team of engineers with remarkable academic studies, long experience in electronics design & manufacture and proven expertise in industrial engineering, telematics and embedded software development. The company's mission is to provide high quality & reliability

products and services to its customers.


Nowadays, the company's productive activities comprise low-cost, internet enabled data acquisition devices as RTU/Data Loggers, wireless alarming RTUs and custom devices.

In Infinite, we design, develop and produce our own software and hardware. The assembly of printed circuit boards is done in a fully-automated SMD/THT production line in Petritsi, Bulgaria. We are

capable of creating unique integrated solutions, which are reliable, compatible, cost effective and easy

to use. Infinite is headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece and has distributors and partners all over

the world.






The AERINOS® wireless sensors platform provides smart end nodes for the SIGFOX Network. The

wireless sensor nodes offer reliable communication and outdoor enclosures to satisfy a variety of

measurement and monitoring applications.


The units are available for the 868 to 869 MHz and 902 to 928 MHz Bands for USA, Europe, Latin

America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand.



The ADS-260 series are battery powered, Sigfox wireless end nodes with multiple sensor support.

Sensors supported include SDI12, RS485 Modbus, analogue, digital, pulse.

The ADS-261 series are battery powered, Sigfox wireless end nodes featuring a bridge instrumentation amplifier. Sensors supported include analogue, strain gauges, load cells.



Agricultural Monitoring, Structural Engineering, Tank level monitoring, Water/wastewater, Oil & Gas,

Asset management, Environmental Monitoring, Distributed Temperature/Humidity Monitoring, Food

logistics & transport.


Modules Used

RC1682-SIG, RC1692HP-SIG



ADU-700 – Profisens, private IoT


AERINOS® ProfiSens is a local area wireless IOT platform. It comprises of wireless sensor nodes and

a 3G Data Gateway.


Using ProfiSens, you can deploy anywhere your private IOT network. The battery powered, wireless

end nodes, offer reliable communication and outdoor enclosures to satisfy a variety of measurement

and monitoring applications.

The acquired sensor data are wirelessly transmitted to the 3G data concentrator, which forwards data

files to an FTP server and alarm SMS to predefined users.


The coverage of the wireless network can reach a radius of 1-6 km (Line of sight).


The network uses a proprietary protocol with bidirectional communications. Data concentrator and

sensor end nodes support autonomous battery powered operation and provide options for external power supply.


System components

ADU-700: Autonomous, wireless data concentrator with internal 3G modem.

ADS-10x Series: Wireless end nodes for low voltage, low power sensors. Sensors supported analogue, digital, pulse.

ADS-20x Series: Wireless end nodes with multiple sensor support. Sensors supported SDI12, Modbus, analogue, digital, pulse, strain gauges.

ADS-21x Series: Wireless end nodes for remote control. Control options include, bistable valves,

motorized valves, magnetic, pulse.


All wireless end nodes can power connected sensors autonomously.



Agricultural Monitoring, Structural Engineering, Tank level monitoring, Water/wastewater, Oil & Gas,

Asset management, Environmental Monitoring, Distributed Temperature/Humidity Monitoring, Food

logistics & transport.


Modules Used

RC1140-RC232, RC1740HP-RC232


Products & Services






Web: www.unitronic.de
Tel: +49 211 / 95 11 - 0
Email: support@unitronic.de 
Address: Mündelheimer Weg 9, 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany

Products & Services

For nearly five decades, UNITRONIC has been synonymous for cutting-edge technologies in high-end electronic components and modules. UNITRONIC is part of the publicly traded Lagercrantz Group

based in Stockholm, Sweden. Being part of this strong Group now enables them to offer a

considerably wider range of products to their customers.


UNITRONIC’s distribution network now comprises of three business units: UNITRONIC Electronics, UNITRONIC Electric and UNITRONIC Security. They pride themselves in being the value-added

distribution channel in Germany for the high-quality manufacturer Elpress, a Sweden-based

manufacturer of complete cable crimping systems for electrical connectors and the Finland-based manufacturer Idesco — a leader in identification products such as RFID solutions.

Both manufacturers are also part of the Lagercrantz Group.




Product overview for sensors



Product overview for antennas



Product overview for Communication



Linecard - A full program for customers