Wireless M-Bus Gateway Partners

Our Wireless M-Bus gateway partners provide gateways that are suitable to work with our Wireless M-Bus and MSM products.

Enless Wireless

Enless Wireless Gateways
Enless Wireless Gateways





Web: www.enless-wireless.com


Modbus Receiver 169 MHz



For product information on the Modbus Receiver - RS232 Interface please click here.

For product information on the Modbus Receiver - RS485 Interface please click here


Modbus Receiver - RS232 Interface:


This Enless Wireless receiver is compatible with Modbus PLCs with an RS232 Modbus interface.


✅ RS232 interface Modbus RTU
✅ Can handle up to 32 transmitters
✅ Compatible with Modbus PLCs
✅ Power supply 7.5 – 24 V
✅ Quick and easy to deploy
✅ Compact design


Modbus Receiver - RS485 Interface:


This Enless Wireless receiver is compatible with Modbus PLCs with an RS485 Modbus interface.


✅ RS485 interface Modbus RTU : allows multiple receivers on the same RS485 bus
✅ Can handle up to 32 transmitters
✅ Compatible with Modbus PLCs
✅ Power supply 7.5 – 24 V
✅ Quick and easy to install
✅ Compact design


Greatech Gateway
Greatech Gateway

Web: www.greatech.com


MC89 LTE Wireless M-Bus Gateway



For product information on the MC89 LTE Wireless M-Bus Gateway please click here


Together with MC-Technologies, GREATECH manufactures the world's most compact and cheapest Wireless M-Bus to LTE gateway. Gather data wirelessly with absolute ease and send it to any phone or tablet via LTE.


  • Cinterion® ELS61-E embedded

  • 4G LTE Cat.1

  • Java ™ ME 3.2

  • RLS monitoring (jamming detection) in 2G and 3G

  • Integrated FOTA, configurable and free

  • Hardware watchdog

  • Cinterion® ELS61-E embedded

  • 3GPP Rel.7 Compliant Protocol Stack

  • Pentaband LTE: 1, 3, 8, 20, 28 *

    • 700*, 800, 900, 1800, 2100 MHz

  • Dual band GSM 900 and 1800 MHz

  • LTE Cat.1: DL: max. 10.2 Mbps, UL: max. 5.2 Mbps

  • GPRS Klasse 12: DL/UL: max. 85.6 kbps

  • Java ™ ME 3.2

  • SIM Application Toolkit, Class “b”, “c”, “e” with BIP and RunAT support

  • Control via standardized and extended AT commands (Hayes, TS 27.007 + 27.005)

  • TCP / IP stack access via AT command and transparent TCP services

  • Secure connection for client IP services


Kunbus Gateway
Kunbus Gateway





Web: www.kunbus.com


RevPi Con M-Bus



For product information on the RevPi Con M-Bus please click here.


The RevPi M-Bus modules are expansion modules for RevPi Connect. As the name suggests, the module works with the Wireless M-Bus protocol (EN 13757-4). This protocol is traditionally used in building services engineering to read meters for gas, water, heat or electricity, but you can also integrate industrial radio modules into your system at low cost.


For this purpose we offer you the module in 2 device variants:


  • RevPi Con M-Bus
    This module operates at 868 MHz and has a range of 800 meters (2/4 antenna/direct line of sight).
  • RevPi Con M-Bus VHP
    This module operates at 169 MHz and has a range of 20.000 meters(2/4 antenna/direct line of sight).


mangOH Gateway
mangOH Gateway







Web: www.mangoh.io


mangOH Red With Radiocrafts Expansion Board



For product information on the mangOH Red With Radiocrafts Expansion Board please click here.


Build low-power IoT applications that can run for up to 10 years on a battery with the newest and smallest mangOH platform and send your IoT sensor data to the cloud.


  • Credit card size form-factor ideal for rapidly building proof-of-concepts;
  • A snap-in socket to add any CF3™-compatible modules, including wireless modules (2G to 4G & LTE-M/NB-IoT) to achieve up to 10 years of battery life;
  • An IoT Expansion Card slot to plug in any technology based on the IoT Expansion Card open standard;
  • Complimentary Sierra Wireless Smart SIM with up to 100 MB free data, depending on region, and can also be used with any commercially available SIM;
  • Integrates with the AirVantage IoT platform to create, deploy and manage solutions in the cloud;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE with a Cortex M4 to provide real-time access to I/O; and
  • Built-in Accelerometer/Gyroscope, Pressure and Light sensors and a 26-pin Raspberry Pi-compatible connector.

MC-Technologies GmbH

MC-Technologies GmbH Gateways
MC-Technologies GmbH Gateways


Web: https://www.mc-technologies.net/en/


MC100 Radiocrafts


For product information on the MC100 Mobile Programmable Wireless M-Bus Radiocrafts Data Gateway, please click here.


The MC100 IoT Gateway provides an industry grade solution for interfacing Radiocrafts communication modules to other communication technologies.


With a wide variety of connectivity options like WIFI, CAN, MODBUS, Ethernet and 4G (LTE), the gateway is well equipped to process and transport even the most demanding workloads. Certified integration with Cloud Computing solutions make the MC100 an ideal platform for today's complex solutions.


The MC100 provides an open, Linux based, platform for programming in Python, C, C++, Javascript as well as Node-RED. Software tools supporting protocols like WMBUS and intelligent pre-processing are available and significantly reduce the integration effort, allowing you to realize your ideas faster.


MC Technologies can also assist and provide additional customized Hard- and Software adaptations if you have specific needs that are not met out-of-the box.


Sagemcom Gateway
Sagemcom Gateway





Web: www.sagemcom.com





For product information on the SMARTY SCM please click here


The SMARTY SCM controller from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus enables multi-line remote data reading from domestic supply meters. An SCM controller can work stand-alone, as PLC router or as PLC gateway: As a PLC gateway, it communicates with one or more central locations via GPRS or LAN. As a PLC router, it communicates with a PLC gateway via PLC.


Different meter protocols like DLMS/Cosem or wireless M-Bus are supported by the SCM and provide high flexibility for installations. Other technologies and interfaces, such as ZigBee, are available upon request.


The SMARTY SCM controller satisfied highest security requirements. It uses state-of-the-art technologies including a hardware security module (HSM) and cryptographic algorithms (e.g. end-to-end TLS). All access to the device is based on certificates.


The SMARTY SCM controller can be configured and administered locally or remotely. A local interface enables direct access to measurement values for end customer information.


The SCM controller meets all requirements of large-scale deployments. It is a future-proof communication module which complies with European Smart Metering standardization activities.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Gateway
Sierra Wireless Gateway








Web: www.sierrawireless.com


FX30 IoT Gateway With Radiocrafts Expansion Board


For product information on the FX30 IoT Gateway With Radiocrafts Expansion Board please click here.


The FX30 is the industry’s smallest, most rugged programmable 3G/4G LTE cellular gateway. Providing an integrated, secure embedded application environment, tightly integrated with the cloud, the FX30 enables swift, scalable and global deployments of IoT applications for any connected machine or infrastructure.


  • Highly Programmable: Provides secure Linux-based embedded programming environment to build custom IoT applications at the edge.
  • Small & Rugged: Purpose-built to fit into machines and infrastructure equipment, and meets harsh industrial environmental requirements.
  • Global & Scalable: Reach the global 3G/2G market with a single product, and scale to 4G LTE (Cat 1 or LPWA) with full hardware and software compatibility.
  • Extensible: Comprehensive built-in interfaces to connect easily to any system, plus flexible hardware expansion with IoT Connector.
  • ManagedFree firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) services
  • Accelerate your data-driven transformationOctave securely integrates the FX30 into an all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for connecting industrial assets.


Sinapsi Gateways
Sinapsi Gateways






Web: www.sinapsitech.it


SIN.EQRPT868XT  (Receiver/Radio Repeater for meters with Wireless M-Bus protocol (EN13757-4))

SIN.EQRPT868X  (Radio repeater for meters with Wireless M-Bus protocol (EN13757-4))



SIN.EQRPT868XM (Radio data concentrator for meters with Wireless M-Bus protocol(EN13757-4), OMS)



SIN.EQRTU1X  (Datalogger for meters with wired and Wireless M-Bus protocol)



For product information on SIN.EQRPT868XT gateway please click here

For product information on the SIN.EQRPT868X gateway please click here

For product information on the SIN.EQRPT868XM gateway please click here

For product information on the SIN.EQRTU1X gateway please click here




SIN.EQRPT868XT 868MHz Wireless M-us sinapsitech℗ Repeater of EQUOBOX system.
It handles up to 500 meters and it is able to cover a distance of 500 mt in open air and 20 meters in building.


It supports multi-hop mode without any limitation regarding the number of hops. Stand-alone mode for use with SIN.EQSW1 (connection via USB) with always available last reading from wireless M-Bus device.




SIN.EQRPT868X Single Hop Wireless M-Bus / OMS 868 MHz Repeater of EQUOBOX system. It is able to cover a distance of 500 mt in open air and 20 meters in building.


The devices uses a technology that allows you to expand the W. M-Bus networks, in fact, between them, the antennas will automatically establish the connection that allows the best signal quality and, upon receipt of the W. M-Bus plots, spread to the datalogger.




SIN.EQRPT868XM is the ultimate solution for 868Mhz M-Bus wireless smart metering solutions of small condominiums.


It manages up to 500 meters through the SINAPSI GLOBAL HUB, the Sinapsi IoT platform.
It is equipped with SIM card for cloud-device communication.




SIN.EQRTU1X is a datalogger to acquire data from devices that use wired and wireless standard M-Bus protocol such as meters, heat cost allocators.


Manages up to 500 meters providing storage of daily readings for 10 years. The web interface allows accessing data, reports generating, the setup of the M-Bus networks and the management of local I/O. It is equipped with a graphical display for setup, accessing data in real time and the status of the I / O without the need of a PC. It has inputs and outputs through which it is possible to interact with the system and perform actuations with combinatory AND / OR logics, sending emails, and manual controls via WEB interface.


Solvimus Gateway
Solvimus Gateway





Web: www.solvimus.de


MUC500 W


For product information on the MUC500 W please click here.


The powerful data logger for huge installations with 4 GB storage. Metering interfaces are up to two independent wM-Bus (OMS) channels and one RS-232 interface for connecting an external M-Bus level converter. Regarding this communication the MUC500 M offers up to 500 unit loads on the bus lines. The MUC500 communicates via Ethernet. An integrated web server offers complete configuration via a standard web browser. The automatic bus scan allows an easy setup and selection of data points. Consumption and sensor data is transmitted to energy management systems directly as CSV or XML file. The powerful platform allows numerous security mechanisms and formats. Optionally, the MUC500 is also available with Modbus TCP or BACnet/IP extension.