Radiocrafts and Tiny Mesh increase presence in India

Radiocrafts AS and Tiny Mesh AS, a leading provider of wireless mesh network protocol and cloud services, announced today they have established a joint venture sales company in India. After joint success in the Indian market with compact RF modules for Smart Meter applications based on Tinymesh network technology, the companies are increasing their local … Read more

Announcing SIGFOX RF module for IoT applications

Radiocrafts AS announced today a SIGFOX Ready™ radio module for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The new compact RF module has been certified to assure optimal connectivity performance on the SIGFOX global network. The combination of Radiocrafts’ SIGFOX-certified module with SIGFOX’s global network offers low-cost, low-power and out-of-the-box wireless connectivity for a wide array of … Read more

Radiocrafts wins major smart metering contracts in India

Radiocrafts AS announced today it has been awarded two major contracts in the smart metering market in India. Two leading electricity meter manufacturers in India have chosen a wireless meter reading solution from Radiocrafts. The cost competitive wireless mesh network module has been developed together with Tiny Mesh AS, a Norwegian based software development company … Read more

Radiocrafts announces narrowband RF modules for industrial market

Radiocrafts AS announced today a new radio module series for the industrial radio market. The RC17xxHP-RC232 module series provides narrowband radio performance combined with high output power for long range industrial applications. The new module series covers all ISM bands below 1 GHz, including 169, 433 and 868 MHz, as well as some national bands … Read more

Radiocrafts announces complete two-way 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus meter reading module

Radiocrafts AS announced today the new expanded feature set for the 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus module for long range Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). The new module includes all features necessary for secure two-way communication between meter and concentrator. The module contains the industry leading Wireless M-Bus stack, supporting all physical layers, MAC layers and frame … Read more

Current Cost partners with Radiocrafts to supply IHD’s for Smart Meters

Current Cost, the leading global manufacturer of In House Displays (IHD) and home energy monitors, has collaborated with Radiocrafts, respected specialists and leaders in design and manufacture of RF modules, to allow consumers to view real-time energy information from Smart Meters. The cooperation has resulted in IHDs being able to receive real-time consumption data from … Read more

TinyMesh RF modules with self-configuring mesh protocol for ISM bands

Radiocrafts AS introduces a new, powerful mesh network protocol operating in all sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz license free ISM bands. TinyMesh networks are self forming and self healing without external interaction. Due to the mesh network redundancy, TinyMesh offers superior range and reliability, with no limitations in number of gateways or addressable nodes. Compared … Read more

Radiocrafts launches world’s first KNX-RF Multi module for building automation

Radiocrafts AS now expand their product line with a new module complying with the KNX-RF Multi specification. KNX is the only open international standard for Home- and Building Control, used in Smart Home, Building Automation and Building Management Systems. RC1180-KNX2 is the world’s first RF module including a complete KNX-RF Multi protocol stack. The KNX-RF … Read more

World’s first long range AMR metering module at 169 MHz

Radiocrafts AS now expands their Wireless M-Bus product line with a new module using the 169 MHz band for long range Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). The module is compliant with the new prEN 13757-4:2011, operating in the new harmonized frequency band for meter reading in Europe. Based on a proposal from Radiocrafts, a new narrowband … Read more

Radiocrafts launches ZigBee® Smart Energy (SE) Module

Radiocrafts AS now expand their product line with a compact ZigBee module dedicated for Smart Energy application (ZNM-SE). The module is based on a ZigBee PRO compliant platform and offers a complete ZigBee PRO protocol including support for the ZigBee Smart Energy profile. The module supports the Certificate Based Key Exchange (CBKE), and the entire … Read more