Create a Smart City System Based on an AllWize 169 MHz Solution With an Embedded Radiocrafts WIZE Module

Are you looking to create a Smart City system based on the 169 MHz band with an embedded Radiocrafts module? You will want to consider a solution provided by AllWize.

Who is AllWize?

AllWize is a Spanish company, created in June of 2018, whose goal is to “finally give power to cities to become truly smart” by connecting objects with the Wize Technology. The Wize technology has seen major success in the last 10 years, deploying more than 7 million smart metering devices in Europe. This success is growing rapidly, it is estimated that another 13 million devices will be deployed by 2025. In order to achieve this goal, AllWize have created simple IoT applications for end users who want a ready to install and remarkably simple to use solution for urban services based on the Wize technology. Read more about them here.



Why Opt for an AllWize Smart City Solution?

All of AllWize’s solutions are based on the 169 MHz band which is supported by the Radiocrafts WIZE module. The 169 MHz band allows for exceptional performance in terms of coverage, and penetration with battery powered devices. This means that a 169 MHz solution is optimal for devices which are placed in hard-to-reach places, where deployments on a territory-wide scale are required, such as city use cases, and where little maintenance is desired.

AllWize have a number of existing solutions available in several different markets including:

  • Water management – irrigation control, Modbus/Pulse datalogger, fire hydrant monitoring.
  • City wide lighting – Street light monitoring, Street light P2P control.
  • And Environmental solutions – Waste bin access control, Air quality monitoring.

Another solution is chlorine detection to provide high quality drinking water. In order to simplify the complicated process of analyzing water utilities – AllWize use an inline chlorine sensor connected via Wize. Placed in the water distribution network, this sensor provides real time information on the level of chlorine in the water. This remote connection is possible thanks to the ability of Wize to connect objects in hard-to-reach locations such as underground networks.

Read more about AllWize’s market solutions here.

AllWize K2 – Arduino MKR form factor board


AllWize provide these 169 MHz solutions in existing WIZE networks or they can help you deploy a new network. Another main goal of AllWize is to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your Wize solutions which is why they have created end-to-end applications, that are affordable and easy to use. You can get all the relevant information you need from a simple yet effective Wize dashboard where you can control your assets in just one click. If you already have a dashboard, AllWize can easily connect to it via open APIs.

You can also create your own application by exploring IoT development kits provided by AllWize, all of which have an embedded Radiocrafts WIZE module as well. Explore the different options here.



Radiocrafts WIZE Module

All AllWize products have an embedded Radiocrafts WIZE module.

The Wize protocol is a long range, low power, and bi-directional radio communication that operates in the 169 MHz frequency. Wize was specifically designed to connect hard-to-reach objects and to ensure deployments on a territory-wide scale for the city’s uses, which require integration in a constrained environment: metering, public lighting, energy management of buildings and etc.

The Wize protocol provides:

  • Robust communication and wide area coverage using VHF frequency
  • Secure transfer of data in terms of privacy, data integrity, and authentication
  • A low power battery operated solution with a lifetime of more than 15 years
  • A proven solution based on the Wireless M-Bus standard
  • Firmware over-the-air updates as an integral part of the protocol
  • Power efficient 2-way communication protocol for sensor reading and control

Additionally, on a territory-wide scale, deployment of the network is simple and fast because the technology requires little equipment (a communicating object and a concentrator). No repeater system, no pairing or complex programming sensors are required. Wize is an open standard meaning you won’t have to pay any expensive fees.

Wize has very good performance in range, penetration, and special redundancy, which have been confirmed in the framework of large-scale field deployments. Since the device has a battery lifetime of up to 20 years and a minimum amount of equipment needed in the system, this proves to be a low maintenance technology, helping you save money.

To read more about the Wize protocol please read our white paper number 016 here, or, visit our Wize product page here. Similarly, you can find further documentation on Wize such as application notes, datasheets, whitepapers, and more at our document library here.