[KNX] “If i need more 50 device RF (for example), what do I i do to not have problem with a signals?? Can i link a specifics devices of any installation on 1 module RF but not in 2nd RF knx (two rf-knx device installed in same place)? If i need more 50 device RF (for example) how i do to not have problem with a signals?? “

“The KNX module follow the KNX specification and includes powerful mechanism to avoid collision and ensure that communication goes to the right node. LBT (Listen Before Talk) is handled automatically by the module in the way that the module goes into RX mode and check if the channel is free before transmitting data. In addition you install the serial number into the address register to filter out incoming packets not intended for this module. This ensures that the module only accept packets form units with correct serial number. For details please see KNX User Manual available at:


    Last Update: September 14, 2017  

    September 14, 2017   1495    KNX Q&A