[TINYMESH] What is the latency (delay) per hop using Tinymesh?

The typical delay per hop for packets with full payload contents, with default configuration settings, is approximately 100ms. Due to the mechanisms that handle Listen Before Talk (LBT), handshaking and re-transmission, the time is an average estimate. Time between two payload packets is on average two hop-periods, as a new packet may not be transmitted until the previous packet has travelled some distance from the originating Router. The Tinymesh frame format contains a two byte ‘Latency Counter’. The Latency counter is updated at every 100ms interval, when a packet is buffered in a Router or Gateway device. If a packet for any reason should experience a delay in further delivery, due to poor connectivity or high traffic load, the Latency counter may be used by the external application to estimate the correct time for the event that caused the dispatch of the packet from the originating node.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    December 21, 2016   3462    Tinymesh Q&A