[TINYMESH] We have to used Radiocraft tinymesh product such as RC1170/71HP-TM for street light application, Question : How to update SID after deployment for same sid for Gateway device? Our requirement is to update the RF parameter such as SID,UID,Device type and other parameter first time or after filed deployment. according to your configuration in OTA update, we are able to set first time and after deploymnet configuration for only Router device . we are not able to read Get status and configure Gateway device after deployment from over the air through RF device. Please tell proper suggestion, how to update Gateway device Configure SID from over the Air through other Rf same Gateway device.

[TINYMESH] “We have a doubt about the connections dynamic and network architecture. Consider the image below: 1 – Gateway, Router and End device ar configured with the same RF Power 2 – Gateway signal can reach directly to End Device 3 – Router can reach to Gateway and End Device 4 – The End Device only can reach the Router when transmitting, but receive the signal from Gateway directly Although the end device can receive the signal from the Gateway (above RSSI acceptance level), once the End Device can’t reach the Gateway directly, the connection is never established and the second way through Router is never choosed. The tiny mesh algorithm favors the shortly way to gateway if the rssi level is above acceptance level. If the end device receive the signal from Gateway above acceptance level, but is not able to reach the gateway directly, even if we have a router between Gateway and End Device the connection is never establish. Do you have any explanation to this behavior and a way to improve and avoid this kind of scenario? “