[TINYMESH] Why is Tinymesh only available in a standard Radiocrafts module form factor?

There are many pitfalls in RF hardware design. A good and reliable RF design is time consuming and requires high level experience and expertise. Even though RF transceiver chipsets may require only a limited amount of external circuitry, component selection, PCB layout and antenna matching for optimum performance, are challenging tasks for any design team. Due to the stringent QA / QC procedures applied to the production of the Radiocrafts RF modules, our customers may rest safely that their end product contains an optimized RF solution. Radiocrafts modules come fully 100% tested from factory, including verification of RF frequency stability; TX output power and input sensitivity.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    December 21, 2016   2030    Tinymesh Q&A