[RC232] “I have problem to wake up RS1240 from sleep mode, in fact I can’t wake it up at all. According to documentation, config pin should be asserted when going to sleep mode, and then positive edge should wake ip module This is code I use: Config Portd.3 = Output : Modem_config Alias Portd.3 Modem_config = 1 ‘ ———— PUT MODEM IN SLEEP MODE Modem_config = 0 ‘ Assert Config pin Waitms 5 ‘ MAX Time from CONFIG pin is set low until prompt (“”>””) Print “”Z””; ‘ Goto SLEEP mode . . . Sub Send_packet Modem_config = 1 ‘ Wake up form SLEEP mode Waitms 60 ‘ Wait 60 ms to get out from sleep mode Print “”X””; ‘ Goto idle mode Led_tx = 1 Printbin Paket_start Printbin Data_packet Led_tx = 0 Modem_config = 0 ‘ Assert Config PIN Waitms 5 ‘ MAX Time from CONFIG pin is set low until prompt (“”>””) Print “”Z””; ‘ SLEEP mode End Sub But, module stuck in sleep mode, and dont send enything. When I comment all lines regarding sleep mode, module work fine. Where I’m wrong? I should deliver device this week, and this is only problem I have to resolve. “

Instead of the “waitms” in your code you should use a “wait for prompt” routine or at least increase the wait time period. The timing information in the data sheet is typical values and we recommend to wait for prompt “>” to ensure that you are in configuration mode before the ‘Z’ command is sent to the module.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1545    RC232 Q&A