[W-MBUS] “We are interested in using Radiocrafts modules in our product. We need to install around 150+ sensors per house which are connected to one concentrator (master) device. Sensor are small and therefore using external antenna is not an option which may be problematic when using 169MHz? Those sensors are installed into houses with concrete walls and range requirements are therefore at least 150+ meters in NLOS situations. We are considering to use Wireless M-BUS protocol or some similar which do not require acknowledgements from the sensor. We prefer sub 1-GHz radio because of coverage. Could you suggest some of your modules which support 150+ slaves in one network and extended range at least 150+ meters in urban area? Please also take into account our antenna limitations. “

“You could use the wireless M-Bus protocol which supports hundreds of nodes pr concentrator. How often do you need to transmit from each sensor?

I would advice on 433MHz which will give you better range with same output power. The 433MHz requires a longer antenna, but usually 433MHz is no problem to make a good antenna even with limited space. 169MHz is more difficult as you write.

Are the sensors battery operated?? Then a mesh protocol is limited value, unless you can use repeaters?

The wireless M-Bus protocol includes a repeater, which should extend the range for the sensors with the longest range.

    Last Update: October 10, 2017  

    October 10, 2017   1427    Wireless M-Bus Q&A