[W-MBUS] it seems that collisions between slaves create sometimes bit errors and the correction in your Errata Note 4 seems to solve it. However we are surprised that because of bit errors are present in a radio frame, this frame is not rejected (wrong checksum for example) and it is still analyzed (and in this case to find a non-supported encryption mode). Why ? Is there a risk to receive a frame from the RC1180 radio module with wrong data due to collisions ? “

The module will reject the packet if the module calculate wrong CRC check sum of a block due to bit errors. The CRC is calculated Block per Block and rejected when the block is received and analyzed in order to perform CRC checksum calculation. The Errata 4 issue is in this  block receiving phase already initiated even if CRC checksum gives wrong CRC and the packet is rejected at the end

    Last Update: September 28, 2017  

    September 22, 2017   1643    Wireless M-Bus Q&A