[RIIM] Why can’t I mix HP (high-power) and normal modules in the same network?

Well, you can if you want. We just do not recommend it as it creates asymmetrical links. Meaning, if node A is high-power and node B is normal. Then Node B will always hear node A, but then when it tries to transmit to it, it will fail as it transmits with just normal power. So if Node A transmits with high-power and B hears it, B might chose A as its parent, then when it’s time to relay data through the mesh, B won’t be able to speak to its parent and the mesh-link will be broken. Thus, the mesh and routing structure would behave in unpredictable and unreliable ways.

    Last Update: January 24, 2020  

    January 24, 2020   1149    RIIM Q&A