Add 802.15.4(g/e) Wireless Networking to Your Wireless System

The RC1880 is a very cost and power efficient customizable RF module that can be used with the TI-15.4-STACK. One option for the TI-15.4 stack is to compile it as a wireless network Co-Processor. In this option an external application processor has access to the wireless features over UART or SPI.

The TI-15.4-STACK Co-Processor provides interface for configuration of network operation (e.g. starting a network, scan for network, join network) in Beacon or non-Beacon mode, with or without Security, and Frequency Hopping. In addition, it gives an interface for sending and receiving data.

Radiocrafts has compiled the TI-15.4-STACK Co-Processor with the pin mapping done to fit the RC1880xxx demo board. This firmware can be downloaded free of charge as-is from the Radiocrafts website. Adding this to the RC1880 creates a fully functional IEEE 802.15.4 (g/e) RF module.

The combined solution, that we refer to as RC1880-COP, is a complete RF module with a IEE802.15.4 Phy and MAC, that supports star networking on sub-gigahertz frequencies.

The RC1880-COP will connect to any microcontroller through UART interface. For example, a Co-Processor can be combined with a Windows or Linux host processor, or be part of an embedded system using a microcontroller.

The RC1880-COP makes it easy for the users to add IEEE 802.15.4 functionality to an existing product and also provides great flexibility in choice of microcontrollers

For more info on the RC1880, please visit the product page.

For more info on the TI-15.4-STACK Co-Processor.