FCC Certification Made Easier with a Firmware Upgrade on our RC1190-RC232 and RC1190HP-RC232 Modules!

With the latest firmware upgrade to these modules, a new data rate of 250 kbps is now available! The data rate uses wideband modulation and allows up to 25 dBm power output from the RC1190HP-RC232 module while following the rules and regulations set by FCC.

With 25 dBm output power, a line-of-sight range of more than 2 kilometres is achievable.

The details of the tests done are documented in the updated application note 18. It shows that the new mode is compliant to FCC rules with regards to both minimum 6 dB bandwidth and maximum power spectral density per 3kHz.

You can download the datasheet for the RC1190-RC232 module here.

You can download the datasheet for the RC1190HP-RC232 module here.

Download our application note 18: Radiocrafts Sub-1GHz Modules For FCC Compliance

Radiocrafts Modules and the RC232 Family

The RC232 RF protocol was the first ever Radiocrafts product line, launched more than 17 years ago and is still popular today on a global scale (169 MHz to 2.4 GHz supported frequencies) due to the ease-of-use, high performance, and simplicity.

RC232 is an easy-to-use and effective cable replacement and networking protocol. It supports bidirectional wireless transmission from a transmitter to a receiver and fully transparent communication. RC232 uses a UART interface and can be configured as point to point, point to multi point, and peer to peer.

Our wireless experts continuously work on making sure RC232 provides our end-customers with high performance by simplicity. Radiocrafts always strives to develop modules which are easy-to-use, require low R&D investment, and are proven in quality. An RF module from Radiocrafts is always pre-certified, fully RF tested during production, and ready to go as soon you buy it, for a fast to market, proven quality experience.

You can read more about RC232 here.

We recommend that you buy an RC1190-RC232 or RC1190HP-RC232 development kit in your early stage product evaluation. The development kits are designed to be easy to use and to very quickly support a wireless link or network, where you can make a good analysis of the network performance.  

You can buy an RC232 development kit here.