How To Achieve The Lowest Power Consumption in RIIM!

Did you know that Radiocrafts’ long range wireless communication mesh module, RIIM, can achieve a sleep current as low as 2.5 µA in deep sleep mode?

RIIM has from the ground up been optimized for power efficiency. This all-inclusive, easy-to-use, Sub-GHz solution is capable of very low power consumption while still retaining robust and reliable operation.

Radiocrafts has recently released an application note, AN060: Low Power and Deep Sleep For RIIM, and a video snippet where we describe what needs to be done to achieve the lowest possible power drain in RIIM and what choices you can make when it comes to performance vs power consumption.

In the application note several considerations to achieve low power are discussed including:

  • How to setup the network to behave optimally.
  • How to setup each device/module to prevent unwanted battery drain.
  • What different states your product can be in, for example, in storage, transport, installation, normal operation, “alarm” operation, connection loss/failure, and more.
  • Correct platform selection in RIIM (Time-Slotted Channel Hopping Mode vs Single Channel Mode).
  • Node Types.
  • Software support for low power.
  • Hardware considerations.
  • How to properly measure power consumption
  • And more!

Are you interested in testing RIIM’s impressive low power capabilities for your own project? Then buy a development kit/samples from Digi-Key or from another distribution partner of your choice.

Download the Application Note here!