Radiocrafts’ World-Leading RF Modules For Smart Metering!

Radiocrafts has decades of experience working with top-tier companies in the Smart Metering industry, with an installation base of more than 3 million world-leading Wireless M-Bus modules.

We have also recently adopted the MIOTY technology into our product line. MIOTY will revolutionize Smart Metering as a new LPWAN with the best-in-class reliability, noise resilience, and scalability of all LPWANs today to support massive Smart Metering deployments.

Why did these top-tier companies choose Radiocrafts?

Radiocrafts has an impressive portfolio of cost-effective and modernized Wireless M-Bus modules for Smart Metering applications which will ensure standard-compliance, the flexibility to choose between different modes and frequency bands (169 MHz – 868 MHz), save you a lot of R&D investment, will take you fast to market, and are proven in quality.

The Wireless M-Bus product portfolio includes:

  • Standard OMS compliant Wireless M-Bus modules.
  • Ultra-narrowband, 169 MHz radios, including the Wize module variant, for the best noise resilience, penetration properties, and range for hard-to-reach places.
  • MPC1 module for pulse counting, alarm supervision, and transmission scheduling.
  • MSM modules with intelligent sensor interfaces.
  • And more!

In addition, Radiocrafts offers design services to customize a solution for your exact requirements for easy integration into Smart Meters.

Radiocrafts also has a world-class support team and documentation to back your project from Proof-of-Concept all the way to full production.

MIOTY is a new technology taking the world by storm as a new milestone in the pursuit for global scalability. MIOTY is optimal for Smart Metering for various reasons:

  • The main traffic in a metering application is meter data going up to the gateway. This is optimal for a MIOTY network if you wish to scale it up to 1 million + smart meters in a single network. Additionally, you can have your 1 million + devices sending up to 1.5 million messages to the gateway per day if needed.
  • Metering also typically includes a large number of devices, one per household, which in a city environment can be quite dense/crowded in a single network. This is an advantage for MIOTY as it supports highly reliable communication. MIOTY operates without interference from other networks or from its own transmissions thanks to the Telegram Splitting
  • Metering is also a data critical application which requires up to 99% or more successful packets to have a viable and efficient network. This quality-of-service level is supported by MIOTY.
  • Metering projects typically have a long project lifetime of around 10-20 years. MIOTY supports very low power for battery operation in gas and water meters, easily reaching a battery lifetime of 10-20 years.

MIOTY supports Telegram Splitting, which splits a message into several sub-packets and sends them at different times and frequencies. Since the airtime of these subpackets is much shorter than that of existing LPWANs, the chance of collisions with another message is very low. Even if 50% of sub-packets do not make it to the gateway, the full message will be successfully reassembled.

This allows for deep penetration in underground or hard-to-reach areas such as a water meter in a basement where interference would be an enormous problem for other LPWAN solutions.

The Telegram Splitting technology makes MIOTY well suited for critical data like meter reading.

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Want to test Radiocrafts’ modules for your Smart Metering project? Order a Wireless M-Bus or Mioty development kit from either Digi-Key or another distribution partner near you!