[ZNM] Can we use your ZNM module for a proprietary solution?

Yes, our ZNM module can be used with proprietary stack. The physical radio is limited to 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4. As long as you stay below a max TX duty cycle of 27ms/100ms the FCC ID will still be valid. The protocol can be developed from scratch or based in PHY/MAC stack such as TI-MAC

[ZNM] Where can I find more info on the FCC approval?

Guidelines for using the FCC approved modules in the correct way is given in our datasheet. By searching the FCC web pages ( https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid) for Grantee ID : Y2N, you can find all public documentation for our FCC approved modules.

[ZNM] What is the difference between RC2400HP and RC2400HP-ZNM?

The RC2400HP is a hardware platform module. It is made for customers that want to develop their own embedded FW on it, either a ZigBee solution based on Z-stack from TI or a proprietary protocol. The RC2400HP-ZNM include a precompiled / preloaded ZigBee PRO network stack. Through an API over UART/SPI an external application processor … Read more

[ZNM] Can the ZNM modules be used worldwide?

Yes, the 2.4 GHz band is world wide. The output power limitation difference from region to region. E.g. the maximum output power in EU is limited to 12 dBm due to limits in power spectral density given in EN 300 328.

[ZNM] Is the ZigBee protocol included in the module?

The -ZNM variant or our product includes a Z-stack from Texas Instruments which is ZigBee compliant. The application layer (Home Automation/Light Link)) must be added in in externally or the user can makes his proprietary application.