[TINYMESH] What is the difference between Tinymesh and other mesh networking stacks?

Tinymesh is an advanced mesh networking stack, utilizing all the familiar mechanisms for failsafe and reliable data delivery, such as automatic network forming, self-healing, encryption and error handling. Tinymesh is not bound to established standards, and has the benefit of being able to rapidly adapt to customer needs and requirements. Tinymesh may be ported to any RF-frequency band, and the RF bitrate and output power may be adjusted to meet customer requirements, country specific regulations, and optimizing range vs bandwidth. Tinymesh is designed and optimized to meet application requirements, from its ability for custom configuration of RF parameters, to the simplified commands for input / output control and device configuration on the fly. Tinymesh caters to the industrial engineering team that is looking for ways to get fast to the market with stable and reliable solutions that require remote control or data collection. The input / output control capabilities, and the simple command structure for configuration and control, enables hardware designs that in a multitude of applications may be implemented without requirement for a local MCU or device application programming.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    December 21, 2016   2581    Tinymesh Q&A