[MAN] What are the most important matters to consider when assembling a board with a Radiocrafts module?

The RF module is an SMD (Surface Mounted Device), with LGA (Land Grid Area) pads. The most critical process step is the solder paste printing. Great care should be taken using the correct stencil aperture matching the type of solder paste that is used. We recommend a fine grade paste. A good starting point is 1:1 aperture with the pad size. X-ray should be used for inspection of the solder joint to verify the process. Do also note that the temperature during solder paste printing is important, and the manufacturer recommendation must be followed for storage and expiry date.

The RF modules are RoHS compliant devices (lead-free), and therefore the paste type and the temperature profile of the reflow must be accordingly.

The modules have been designed for high volume automated assembly processes using pick-and place and reflow soldering. To solder a module manually is not recommended. Still, if done for prototypes, a heat plate is recommended, to get the heat from the bottom. Using a soldering iron is not recommended.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

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