[KNX] In the datasheet of CC1180-KNX2, the max TX power is +10dBm, but have checked by spectrum analyzer conductively (Test_cfg.jpg), the max power is only about 0dBm (TX_Power capture.JPG). Could you tell why there is 10dB difference? Is there anything wrong with my test setup or setup of demo board? Please refer the cfg file of KNX-CCT as 1180-KNX2.rcc

5. Your enclosed plot informs that you measure on modulated specter. This will not give correct measuring results unless you change RBW settings on your SA to measure the total signal. Alternative you can use Test Mode 1 to enable carrier TX (no modulation). See KNX User Manual for details.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1454    KNX Q&A